Sisters {April 2019}

As I write this, we are nearing the halfway point of the Easter holidays and the latter part of this month has been spent with sisters reunited.

I was expecting a lot more spats and hair pulling while the two girls were constantly in each other’s company. But on the whole they’ve been getting along famously so far. I hope I’m not jinxing things by saying that.

This month Frankie turned two. We had a little family party, and then went out to the Gruffalo Trail in Essex on her birthday. I was concerned that now that they both understand presents, attention, etc, there would be some jealousy. But I shouldn’t have worried. Frankie even gave Lottie some of her presents to open: ‘Here go Lottie’. And the two of them searched for the Gruffalo characters together, playing beautifully.

Since then we’ve been preparing for Frankie starting preschool after Easter. I’m fascinated to see how they get on in that environment as they will be there together until Lottie starts nursery in September. Lottie says yes when you ask if she is excited for Frankie to start. But let’s see if the reality lives up to the expectation.

The Easter holidays have been busy with Pancake diner visits with friends, a Zumbini spring party, a soggy farm visit, dog walks, stables visits and play dates. So far, there have been very few screaming matches and they’ve played together really nicely. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve had their moments, but on the whole they’ve got along really well.

We had a quieter day at home last week and I snapped some photos of the two of them with the gorgeous spring blossom while we were walking Woody and of them chatting to the horses while we were feeding Ben. The outfits perhaps could have been better planned. The photos are far from perfect, but I love these snaps. So I’m using them for this month’s post for the memories. That’s why I started this blog after all. The first one of them holding hands and laughing melts my heart. And the last one with the sieves captured their characters perfectly. I could not love them more if I tried.

Two young sisters standing with a horse in a field
two sisters crouched in front of a horse eating from a bucket
Two sisters standing in front of a yellow flowering bush, smiling
Two sisters standing in front of a yellow flowering bush, looking at one another, giggling
two young sisters laughing with sieves on their heads

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