Sisters {April 2018}

I’d had high hopes when pregnant with Frankie to join in with The Siblings Project to follow my two sisters’ relationship. But being brutally honest, Lottie ignored Frankie for 90 per cent of the time until very recently.

I don’t think she saw the point of her when she was tiny. She didn’t really show any jealousy or dislike, she just wasn’t in the slightest bit interested. She peered into the Moses Basket here and there, and glanced in Frankie’s direction if she cried. But other than that, she just carried on as normal.

But over the last few months, their relationship has really gone up a gear. Once Frankie started moving, she got interesting, and now she’s interacting and playing, they’ve really started to bond.

sisters standing next to one another in a garden sisters, one sitting in buggy, the other stnading on a buggy board

I know all parents say they love to see their children getting on, but when there’s been barely any relationship at all to start with, I think it’s ever more precious when two sisters start to get along. People used to say I was lucky that Lottie ignored Frankie and I know some children can be really difficult and a bit aggressive with new siblings. So I guess our slow start was a blessing in some ways, but it did used to worry me at times.

Frankie on the other hand, has idolised her big sister from the word go, so now that Lottie is acknowledging her existence, she is absolutely over the moon. She wants to do everything Lottie does, have everything Lottie has, watch everything Lottie watches and just generally wants to be Lottie. I think she has her moments of being the typical annoying little sister and she occasionally gets a bit of a shove when she tries to take toys etc, but on the whole, Lottie is very tolerant of her.

sisters playing with fibre optic lamp and laughing

And if Lottie tries to take Frankie’s toys, she usually doesn’t bat an eyelid. She’s quite happy to share, even her birthday presents were fair game for both of them.

sisters standing next to each other, backs to camera, looking at a pile of birthday gifts

Lottie doesn’t yet talk, but the two of them have started their own little ways of communicating. One will suddenly make a gesture, like putting their hands on their head, or waving, and the other will copy. And all of a sudden, Frankie will be roaring with laughter. If I try to join in, I get the dirtiest looks. So I think there’s already a ‘no grown-ups allowed’ club being formed.

They also have a louder means of ‘chatting’ and when they’re excited, they’ve recently started screaming to one another. Again, Frankie thinks it’s hilarious and Lottie is often the one starting it off. It usually ends in them chasing each other around the house squealing with laughter.

My two sisters also love a day out together. A day at the farm sees them off exploring together. I can almost see them in the future disappearing off out together .

sisters standing together, looking into a farm pen toddler sisters, one on toy tractor, the other looking on sisters looking at baby goats in a farm

During quieter times, they have started to play more together and will often watch TV together. Basically, wherever Lottie is at the moment, Frankie won’t be far away.

sisters, one standing, one sitting on the floor, watching TV

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