Planning to redecorate your child’s bedroom with them

Planning a bedroom redecoration with your child

When your child has outgrown their nursery, it may be time to sit down together and plan their first proper bedroom. There’s no doubt they’ll be excited for a new room, but you may be finding it a little more overwhelming. It’s a big task after all.

There are some important aspects to a child’s bedroom, such as the bed and flooring. And with children being so particular about what they like and dislike, it can be difficult to make a decision.  Here’s some key points to consider.

The type of flooring

The floor in a child’s bedroom is particularly important. It needs to withstand a lot of wear, as well as be reasonably easy to clean. But do you put cleanliness before comfort? You could go for a wood, laminate or vinyl floor as these are simple to keep clean. Or you could decide on a carpet for a warmer, more homely feel. So, whether you’re laying vinyl flooring or a carpet, there’s a lot to consider. Let your child see – and feel – the different options available and make sure they’re happy with the final decision.

Family of three playing on the floor of a child's bedroom with teepee in the background

Choosing wall coverings

The walls are another big decision in bedroom planning. This is an area where your child may have some very distinct ideas too! However, these ideas may not always be practical. Children often like bold, bright colours but these aren’t necessarily good for promoting sleep. Going through colour charts and wallpaper samples can be a nice way of involving your child though. You will need to find a durable option here too, whether it’s wallpaper or paint you’re thinking of.

Finding a suitable bed

Finding the right bed for your child can be equally tricky, but something you can do together. Especially if your child gets to try out a bed or two for themselves! Kids do love bed that’s high up, such as a cabin or bunk bed. And there’s a variety of useful storage options available with children’s beds. You’ll need to plan a little here. Will they need a desk in a few years? If so, a high sleeper with desk space underneath is a great idea. Or will a spare bed be useful? Then a bunk bed will be better.

Now you’ve seen these three key points, we hope you feel a bit more relaxed about decorating your child’s bedroom.

Please note: This is a collaborative post.