Perfect presents for pets

Let’s face it we love our pets with almost as much affection as we do our other family members. At the very least we certainly appreciate the unconditional love they give us when we need a canine cuddle or a muzzle nuzzle.

It’s probably why we also think about giving them treats with nearly as much enthusiasm as we do our own offspring and why there are so many sites out there dedicated to doggy fashion, cat comfort and horse accessories.

If you’re feeling like you want to indulge your pet a little and have some money to splurge on them then we look at some of the best treats out there for our four-legged friend.

horse and rider silhouette against sunset beach backdrop


You’ve probably noticed already but your equine buddy loves food and lives for treats. Of course over indulgence won’t do your horse any favours in terms of his health and well being but now and then a little reward is definitely very well received.

So when it comes to a tasty nibble consider something like Stud Muffins, which contain fenugreek, linseed and whole grains for a healthy but delicious change from the usual roughage.

If you’re keeping your horse well away from sugar but know he has a thing for Polos, then how about NAF Minty Treats for a zingy reward.


There are literally hundreds of toys, snacks and clothing accessories you can buy for your canine companion, but if you’re looking for toys that stimulate brain as well as body you could buy something like a Kong Wobbler, which is basically a toy that dispenses treats but only after the dog works hard to get it out. Without the treats in, the Kong is just an immensely fun toy for your pet to roll around. Thankfully, it’s incredibly durable.

What about some snacks to keep your dog happy? Dogs love chewing and crunching so something to challenge their teeth while being packed full of protein and good things is ideal. Try Stella and Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch but don’t forget that you’ll also need your dog walking treat bags to hand out rewards on the go.


They really don’t seem phased by anything but give that feline anything stuffed with catnip and they’ll go crazy. From balls to mice that they can chase around, the gift of a catnip toy always goes down well.

If you have a kitten consider a cat tunnel for them to explore inside or out and of course cat scratching posts which will go a long way in helping save your curtains, floors and walls from sharp little claws. Your smart cat might enjoy the food puzzle dispenser that only opens the food tray after the cat figures out how to move the pieces with its paws.

Whether you’re a cat, dog or horse person or even a mixture of all three. You love your pet and the extra value they add to your life. Giving them a little treat every now and again provides you and them with a little extra moment to bond and show your appreciation of their loyalty, love and place in your family.

This is a collaborative post