Our newborn photo shoot

Having been so pleased with our maternity photo shoot, Mr M and I decided to book Amanda Foreman to come over to our house and capture Lottie in a newborn photo shoot.

Amanda visited us on Lottie’s tenth day in the world and I think we are delighted with the photos. Having spent a few hours on the basket shots, Lottie woke up for the natural shots, which I absolutely love as I think they really capture her character beautifully. But unfortunately, I think in hindsight, we spent too long on the basket shots as she didn’t play ball for long after this, so the images we have on the beanbag are limited, which is a shame, as they really are my favourites.

(There are a few more beautiful ones of her naked in Mr M’s arms, but I’ll spare her blushes on here.) Amanda did offer to come back out to take some more shots, but unfortunately by the time she had realised, Lottie had conjunctivitis and bad excema, so we couldn’t get another shoot booked in.

Having said that though, I think we have a nice range of pictures, and looking through these, I cannot believe how tiny she was and how much she has changed already (her hair has certainly taken on a life of its own since then!), so I’m really pleased that we went ahead with the session as they are really precious memories that are already fading into the newborn haze.

So without further ado….

Lottie newborn 1

Lottie newborn 2

Lottie newborn 3

Lottie newborn 4

lottie newborn 6

Lottie newborn 7

lottie newborn



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