Our 2018 family summer bucket list

Can you believe it’s only five and a half weeks until the summer holidays start? This term seems to have flown by. I’m really looking forward to a long, hopefully warm, six weeks with both girls at home. I want to make the most of the time, so I’m putting together a summer family bucket list. Hopefully this will help make sure we make some lovely memories.

Toddler girl running down country path away from the camera

Our family summer bucket list has ten things to do. I think the girls need some chilled too. We need to see friends and family, to play in the garden, and go to the park.

Picnic in the park

What is it about kids, that they just love eating in different places? It doesn’t matter if it’s the rug in the living room, or at the table in the garden, they get so excited.

Visit the monkeys in the zoo

Lottie just adores monkeys at the moment. So I’m really excited to head to Colchester Zoo to see them in the flesh. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees a real life monkey.

A morning at Hitchin Lavendar

We visited Hitchin Lavendar last year and had such a lovely time. But we left it a bit late and the purple haze was a bit faded. So this year I want to see it in all its glory.

Splash park

We have a fab splash park very near to us. But for one reason or another, we’ve never made it there. Both girls love water, so when the sun comes out, we’re there this year.

A trip to the seaside

Frankie has never seen the sea, so I’d love to have a day at the beach and build sandcastles.

Visit the library

This sounds a bit lame, but we used to go to the library a lot. Lottie has always loved books, and Frankie has suddenly joined in with story time too. We have loads of books, but we’re getting a bit bored of them. So I’m going to loan some new books each week to enjoy with the girls.

Visit our town’s play day

Our local town has a play day every year, and we’ve never been before. So this day out is a definite on our summer family bucket list.

Go strawberry picking

I have really fond memories of strawberry picking as a child, so I’d love to make new memories with my children.

Visit Knebworth Country, Crafts and Steam Fair

We went to the Easter event at Knebworth house and it’s such a beautiful venue. So I’m excited to head to the country fair there and see the horses, dogs, goats and more.

Have a movie morning

Life can get so busy with preschool runs and day to day chores, so I’m adding a chilled out morning to our family summer bucket list. There will be cookies and milk and pyjamas involved.


And I’m also going to try my best to shoehorn in some time for myself. Not sure when, but I’ll try. There are some great ideas for self-care for mums over on Kate on thin ice.


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