My Liebster Award

The lovely Beth Denny has nominated me for a Liebster Award – thanks so much Beth!


1. What is your most favourite part of the day?

The evening. I’m so not a morning person at all. But I love finishing work, going up to see my lovely horse and then getting home to my gorgeous husband to spend time with him, and sometimes go out with friends etc and catch up on their day and relax. Home is so definitely where my heart is and I can’t wait to get back there every day.

2. Which celebrity, if any, most inspires you?

I’m not sure if he would be classed as a celebrity, but Monty Roberts, the ‘original’ horse whisperer is a huge inspiration to me. He communicates, not only with horses, but with people as well, by listening to them and understanding their language and how they tick. He is one of the most gentle and kind men I’ve ever known of and I’d love to live my life somewhere close to how he has lived his.

3. Does your favourite colour reveal anything about your personality?

Yes. It’s pink and it reveals the fact that I’m a girly girl through and through. I love pretty things and I know it’s a cliche, but I just love pink. I’ve had to tone it down in terms of interiors a bit since moving in with Mr M though, as he’s not so keen!

4. If you could change your career, what would you like to do?

I’d love to be a professional writer. If I could get paid to do what I love, I’d be a happy bunny.

5. What is your favourite song at the moment?

My husband would cringe if he read this, but I love Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hand at the moment. It’s pop music, but it’s happy and puts a smile on my face when it comes on the radio.

6. What is your favourite food?

Chocolate. Dark, milk or white, I love it all and I can get quite grumpy if I can’t have any.

7. Do you vlog and if not, would you try it in the future?

I don’t vlog. I haven’t been blogging for long, so I guess perhaps in time, I may give it a try, but I hate the sound of my own voice and have always been a nervous presenter, so I may be better hiding behind the written word.

8. What do you love most about blogging?

I’ve always always loved to write since I was a little girl. My degree is in journalism and I spent many years working in media, so I think the best thiing about it is having my own outlet to write, which is also a kind of therapy for me. If I’m ever worried, stressed or sad, I’ll always put pen to paper.

9. What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a country girl at heart, and I really enjoy being outside. I have a horse, so I like to spend time with him, whether it’s riding, or grooming, or sometimes just being with him. I also like to see as much as I can of Mr M, family and friends. My heart is happy when I am with people I love, whether it’s just chatting, eating out, travelling, or going for a walk, quality time with them is what makes me tick.

10. What is your favourite television show?

This is embarrassing, but if I’m totally honest, it’s The Only Way is Essex. I am such a nosey cow and I love knowing about other people’s lives (probably why I love blogging too). And I adore the OTT glitz and glamour too.

11. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Italy. I absolutely love the way of life there, the culture and the architecture are beautiful. The people are stunning. The weather’s pretty good. The shopping is out of this world and the countryside is just gorgeous. We got married there and travelled around for our honeymoon and we never found an area we didn’t like.


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If you’ve already played, do send me the link to your answers so I can have a read please.

Your questions are:

1) What has been the best day of your life so far?

2) If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

3) What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

4) Night out or night in?

5) What activity would be top of your bucket list?

6) If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you bought?

7) Why did you start blogging?

8) What is your favourite city in the world?

9) What’s your earliest memory?

10) If you couldn’t be you, who or what would you most like to be and why?


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