Money saving tips for new dog owners

A dog can be a wonderful addition to your family, but despite the many joys on offer, your canine companion can also prove quite costly. The expense is worth it, of course, but if you have recently introduced a dog to your family, or if you are thinking about introducing a new family member, we have some cost-cutting advice that we think you will find useful.

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Save money on vet bills

Want to know the biggest way to save money on vet bills? Look after the health of your dog, ensuring they eat the right foods, and get the appropriate amount of exercise. By caring for your dog, you will have less need to visit the vet. Still, you will need to visit the vet eventually, so do what you do with most aspects of your life, and compare prices.

Your local PDSA-approved vet or your local Easipetcare might be cheaper than many other private practices in your town, for example. Then when buying your pet meds, such as worm and flea treatments, know that you don’t necessarily need to buy them from your vet. You can often get them cheaper online or at your local supermarket, but as you shop around, ensure you research what you are buying so you don’t waste money on something ineffective.

Save money on pet food

Never skimp on dog food, as underfeeding your dog in an attempt to save money can have health consequences for your poor animal. However, there are ways to save money. Your local pet store might have a loyalty programme, for example, giving you money off your regular food purchases. Shop around online too, perhaps using sites such as this one to snag yourself a few discounts and freebies. And consider making your own dog food, as not only will you save money, but you might be able to offer healthier alternatives too. Check out these recipes as examples.

Save money on dog toys

You don’t need to spend a fortune buying toys to entertain your dog. As you will quickly discover, dogs like to play with anything, including many of the items that already exist in your home. Your favourite cushion, or your best pair of slippers, might offer your dog hours of fun, even if you don’t quite experience the same enjoyment factor! Still, to curb the expense of dog toys and replacement slippers, consider these DIY dog toys that can be made out of your household items. Your dog will have fun, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your dog isn’t tearing up ‘forbidden’ items.

Save money on pet grooming

In the same way as you might opt for a spa day at home, giving yourself a makeover instead of paying somebody else to do it for you, you might also consider the same for your dog. Paying to have your pet groomed isn’t cheap, no matter how pretty your dog looks afterwards, so do yourself a favour and buy yourself a bottle of dog shampoo, a dog comb, and nail clippers, and use the following tips to groom your dog like a professional! Money will be saved, and your dog (should) look the bomb, attracting the attention and nose of other dogs when you’re out on your daily walk.

Do you have any other cost-cutting tips? If so, paws for thought and share your ideas with us, for the benefit of any of us dealing with our regular doggy expenses. Thanks for reading.

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    Hmmmm.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article on how to save while still taking care of our dog. I have bought too many dog toys in the past years but coming across your post now I think I know what to do.

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