Me and mine: November 2016

So our Me and Mine photos are super late this month, but I will not be beaten! I have posted every month so far and we’re so close to the end of the year, that it’s better late than never.

November has been a month of preparation, as my dad is back in hospital next week and has to be in every day for a month, so to save the last minute Christmas panics and inevitable rubbish gifts, I’ve actually nearly finished all the Christmas shopping already. Can you believe it?! I can’t. I’ve even bought wrapping paper. Although I admit I’m yet to use any of it or write in the cards, but the intentions are good. And you can do that bit in front of the TV with a cuppa, so I’m not too worried about that.

In other news, we are the house of invalids at the moment. Lottie has the most horrible virus, which seemed to be clearing up and has now come back full force and has turned her into nothing short of a limpet, she literally will not leave my side or let me out of sight. While it’s lovely to be so needed, it’s rather tiring when you’re also trying to grow another little human.

Mr M now has it too and I’ve had it about three times already. I miss lemsip. Someone needs to make a pregnancy safe cold remedy. You can’t even have a hot toddy for goodness’ sake.

We begun my mum’s 70th birthday present this month too. My sister and I have planned ’12 months of 70′, which entails a little treat or outing every month of her 71st year. We kicked off with a good old family roast dinner, so I thought it might be nice to include a pic from this each month too, as, well, they are ‘mine’ too…

three generations of women

Anyway, on a positive note, we’re getting super excited for Christmas next month and have a few lovely activities planned to do with Lottie as she is more aware of what’s going on this year, and I’m really really looking forward to some good old family time. There have been points this year when I didn’t feel as though I’d make it to the end of December, but it’s in sight now and I’ll be pleased to start a new year and hopefully a more positive one.

There will more than likely be Christmas jumpers in the last Me and Mine of the year, so watch this space! But for this month, we went to one of Lottie’s favourite places in the world – the swings. And she thought it was hilarious to watch mummy hurrying back after setting the timer and to see daddy laughing at mummy’s waddling half-run.







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