Me and Mine: November 2015

So I’m late with Me and Mine¬†again, but I thought better late than never, as I really would like to ensure we have at least one family photo on record each month to look back on.

November saw winter kick in properly with dark mornings and evenings and a few chilly days thrown in. I’m loving snuggling at home when we would have been going out pre-Lottie. I’ve been known to have my PJs on by 6.30pm in November and to be in bed by 9pm.

It’s lovely to have a homely home to come back to on a cold day and we have been working slowly on getting the house sorted. We have very nearly finished Lottie’s nursery now, just a few finishing touches to go. And we are done with the lounge, bar a few edges, so hopefully I’ll be sharing these on the blog very soon.

Other than DIY and hibernating, it’s been a quiet month. Ben managed to get kicked in the field and has been really poorly with an infection, so he’s had to have lots of TLC, but luckily is on the mend now. I go to the yard before Mr M and Lottie wake up at 6am, so that I’m not dragging her out in the cold. Although I hate getting out of bed at that time, it’s actually really nice to have an hour to myself and to get all of the chores done before I start the day with Lottie. That way, if she is having a bad day, all we need to do in the evening is go and catch him in.

Christmas shopping and decorating has started in earnest now and Lottie is in love with all the fairy lights. I’m really excited about her first Christmas and may have bought her a fair few festive bits for her wardrobe. But for now, here’s a shot of us all in our bobble hats about to go for a Sunday walk.

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

And a few that I couldn’t resist of Lottie¬†laughing as she thought Mr M looked hilarious in his hat!

photo 3

photo 4




dear beautiful

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