Me and Mine: March 2016

All of last month’s organisation for Me and Mine has gone to pot this month. March has been a month of bugs, which ended with a visit to A&E with Lottie this week. She is fine now, but that is not an experience I want to repeat.

I have also been made redundant, so this blog has taken something of a backseat while we try to figure out what is going to happen for our little family’s future. I’m not good when my plans and routine are upset and if there were awards for worrying, I would get a lifetime achievement, so this month’s focus hasn’t been on photos.

BUT, we went out for a lovely walk yesterday in the spring sunshine and got some snaps in the stunning countryside that we live in. They’re not perfect. Lottie has been asleep pretty much solidly for the past three days, so she is in the buggy again, but they’re us, and I love them.

April, I’m counting on you to be calmer, healthier and less stressful please!

Me and Mine March 16 Me and Mine March 2016


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  1. April 2, 2016 / 9:48 pm

    Oh no!!! So sad you’ve been made redundant. Don’t worry we will come up with something xx

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