Me and mine {January 2019}

I used to do a Me and Mine post each month when Lottie was little. But I gave up with it shortly after Frankie arrived because I was always scrabbling around for photos at the end of the month, late posting every time, and struggling to find a suitable location for photos.

But I do love having a photo each month that you can look back on to see how much things change and evolve, so I’m starting again.

And my first post… Late. With no suitable photos, so a series of selfies taken last night in the living room. At least I’m consistent, I guess. They’re out of focus, the light is poor and the kids are probably less than pristine if you look closely, but you know what? I love them so much I’m going to frame one of them.

January has been pretty quiet for us. It’s been back to routine and tightening our belts somewhat while I’m looking for some new clients.

Lottie waving at us all in the phone screen. Too. Cute.

But we have been loving…

Playing in the snow
Winter walks with Woody
Celebrating grandad’s birthday
Sofa snuggles
Story time with Lottie’s new Julia Donaldson collection (The Gruffalo has become a firm favourite)

What have you been up to in January?


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