Lottie loves: Snugglybabies Baby Rear View Mirror

I think most parents would agree that when you have a baby, you rarely take your eyes off them. Of course there are times when you need to shower, have a loo break etc, but their waking hours are usually spent in view, and when they’re asleep, most of us will use some kind of monitor.

So when we bought Lottie home from hospital, I sat in the back with her. Neither Mr M or I wanted her to be somewhere we couldn’t see her for any length of time. Obviously, in order to live our lives, we’ve had to relax a little, but her being in the back of the car still makes me nervous. If she’s not due a sleep, and goes quiet, I have to pull over and check her. If she’s screaming crying and I don’t know why, I need to check whether there’s anything obvious.

We’d had a couple of rear view mirrors for the car, that I bought hoping they would solve the problem. I don’t know if it was just my car, but we couldn’t seem to get them into a position to see very much of her, if anything at all. The second one we bought, we managed to position so that I could see a part of her face, but it was on a suction attachment and it fell off all the time, landing on the parcel shelf with quite a bang, resulting in me jumping out of my skin, and Lottie waking up if she had been asleep. Not ideal.

So when Snugglybabies told us about their unique new mirror, we were excited to try it. If I’m honest, I’m a nervous wreck while driving with Lottie in the car, so anything that could ease that, was worth a try, but after the previous two less than useful purchases, I didn’t hold out much hope.

Snugglybabies Baby Rear View Car Mirror

The mirror arrived and I was surprised at how large it is. The mirror itself is probably slightly larger than an A5 piece of paper. It attaches to the car headrest with a clamp. Initially I was put off as I thought it would be difficult to fit, and I was planning to rope Mr M into doing it. But I had a quick glance at the instructions and it looked really simple, so I decided to try doing it myself. It literally took less than two minutes – so simple to put in.

Due to it’s size, it’s also really easy to adjust so that you have a clear view of the baby, without having to have two of you, opening and closing the boot, readjusting, seeing if you can see the seat, arguing, etc etc, which had happened before in our car. The only thing I would say is that you need to make sure the tightening wheel is done up properly, as I didn’t do this at first and the angle changes with the movement of the car. But as soon as it’s tightened up, there’s no movement at all.

Turns out, most of the time, Lottie is playing or gazing out of the window while she’s in the car, but it’s so reassuring to be able to see her when all goes worryingly quiet back there.

Snugglybabies Baby Rear View Car Mirror 5

Snugglybabies Baby Rear View Car Mirror 3

Snugglybabies Baby Rear View Car Mirror 2

And she can also see herself in the mirror, which she absolutely loves. Vain? Never.

Snugglybabies Baby Rear View Car Mirror 4

Other than being able to see what Lottie is up to, I really like the fact that the mirror is so safe and secure. The latch and lock design means it can’t fall off and hurt the baby, and the mirror itself is shatterproof, so even if for some reason it does receive a bang, you don’t need to worry about sharp bits of glass hurting your little one.

We love this product and can’t recommend it highly enough, and there’s currently an offer on at Amazon to get it for just £16.73, which I think, for the peace of mind it gives you, is a bargain.

I’m also delighted that the lovely people at Snugglybabies have given us another mirror to giveaway to one lucky reader, so do enter below if you’d like to win. All you need to do is comment on this post to tell me about your biggest parenting worry via Rafflecopter:


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  1. June 16, 2016 / 11:51 am

    I need a mirror like this for when my baby is here! At the moment my biggest parenting worry is how I’m going to cope with the two of them ( I have a 4yo boy) – I worry about how I’m going to entertain the boy, he’s always asking me to play with him, while I’ll be breastfeeding the new baby – I hope he’ll understand that I can’t go to him straightaway any more. Eek! xx

    • heelsandhooves
      June 16, 2016 / 7:24 pm

      So hard, Sabrina. I’m sure he will get used to it in time and be a wonderful big brother, but it must be a worry! xx

  2. Tracy Nixon
    June 18, 2016 / 12:46 pm

    Everything and anything! I must admit I worry about her health the most as she is not a great feeder!

  3. Natalie Crossan
    June 20, 2016 / 12:19 am

    Oh god, the list of things I don’t worry about would be smaller. My biggest worry is how much my daughter eats, she doesn’t eat enough x

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