Lottie loves: Babymule change bag

I love a handbag. I wouldn’t like to count up how many I own, but there is probably one of every colour, size and shape you could think of.

So when I was pregnant and I found out about Babymule change bags, I got rather excited. I had a hand me down change bag and a smart one that I had won, but nothing I had lent itself to days out as a family (where Mr M needed to carry sometimes), adventures in the countryside and trips to the stables.

I needed something a bit more robust, more practical, and probably a bit less girly, but I didn’t want to compromise on style.

So I was delighted when we were asked to become Babymule ambassadors as the change bag ticked all of those boxes and more.

Our Babymule bag arrived before Lottie, but it was well used by the time she entered the world. I used it a lot while pregnant as I found that I needed lots of supplies with me if I was going out for any length of time (water, snacks, heartburn remedy, phone etc) and the bag was perfect for that.


We also used it for all the baby stuff at the hospital (I took three bags to hospital!)


And since she has been here, it really has been perfect for our needs. It came out for our first ever outing and has been a staple ever since.

2015-10-03 13.36.31


What we love:

The less girly design means it’s ideal for us both to carry.

Water resistant and wipe clean means it doesn’t matter if it is slung around a bit while out and about. It is even machine washable if it gets really dirty, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Spacious interior with plenty of room for everything you need for a day out.

The fact it can easily be changed from a rucksack to a messenger bag, with the straps tucking away neatly.

Easy to attach buggy clips.

The dirties bag, change mat, bottle insulator bag are brilliant additions.

The change pouch is an inspired idea – take just one nappy, wipes and cream to the baby change rather than the full large┬ábag.


The only thing I would add if redesigning is perhaps some sort of labelling system for the different compartments. Mr M gets a bit frustrated with unzipping and zipping all of the compartments in order to find what he needs. But then he can never find anything in a cupboard unless it is staring him straight in the face, so it probably says more about him than the bag that he can’t find things.





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