Lottie loves: Babybundle SnuggleToes

You haven’t seen Lottie’s bedroom yet – I will do a nursery tour, but we just have a few things to finish off – but if you had, you’d realise I am a bit obsessed with grey and stars. So when Babybundle offered us the SnuggleToes universal pushchair footmuff with a gorgeous white and grey star print, we jumped at the chance.

Babybundle offers a range of gorgeous baby and nursery products and we are lusting after just about everything, so do go over and check them out here.

Anyway, Lottie turned six months in February and was just about too long for the carrycot attachment of her pram, so we moved her into the ‘big girl’ attachment. And being the ultra anxious first time parent that I am, I was worried about her not being warm enough in it. The carrycot had a duvet type muff in it and had the sides to protect her from the wind, so she just seemed very exposed.

But I really needn’t have worried. The SnuggleToes is, as the name suggests, so snuggly. It’s a softer than soft fleece material, which is light, but warm at the same time.


The SnuggleToes fits onto any buggy and is really easy to attach. There are a number of openings for various harness points, which fasten with velcro. The cover will also fit into a car seat.

The material is ever so slightly padded, so provides a really lovely comfy lining for Lottie to lie on. And the top can be fully unzipped and removed, so the bottom can be used as a liner in the summer or warmer weather.

Once zipped up, there is an extra bit at the top, which can either be folded down to allow baby to use their arms and just keep their legs cosy, or folded up to cover their whole body. I usually do this when Lottie is asleep to keep her warm.

SnuggleToes sleep


The SnuggleToes is machine washable and washes really well, coming up clean, soft and not bobbly.

I really can’t think of any negative points about this. We absolutely love it.


Disclaimer:We were sent this product for review but all opinions are our own.


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