Lottie loves: Baby Ageables

Before Lottie was born, we were offered the chance to review a set of Baby Ageables stickers. The idea is that you stick the relevant age to your baby each month and take a lovely photograph to document their growth, development, etc.

It’s a simple idea, right? But it’s such a good one. It means that you have definite age photos to look back on easily and ways to see just how much your little one has grown since the day you first held them in your arms.

Lottie is just 13 months now and already when looking back at photos, I find myself guessing at how old she was when each one was taken. The first year is a tiring one and excuse the cliche, but it really does go so fast. I found that having the stickers also reminded me to take a photo of her each month, and then they were added to each of my letters to Lottie on this blog.

And now, at the end of the year, I have this gorgeous record of her first year of life to look back on and see just how much she has changed, how quickly and look back at how tiny she was in that ‘just born’ photo… Aaw, the memories!

Photos of baby girl's first year

I will definitely be using this idea for the next baby and I’m going to keep on taking a monthly photo of Lottie as I think it’s a lovely way for us (and her) to remember and look back.

Baby Ageables are a super cheap baby must-have at only £4.99 per pack and they also offer school milestone packs and pregnancy packs, all in a range of different designs too. Head over to their eBay store or Facebook page to check them out.

We were sent a pack of stickers free of charge for review purposes, but all opinions and views are my own.


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