Happy days: My birthday and holidays

I’m a little late with my happy days post this week. Mainly because I’ve had such a lovely weekend, I just haven’t had chance to pick up a laptop.

We’ve had such a lovely week this week…

  • The sun came out! Hurrah! Summer seemed to finally make an appearance in full force and shocked us all at how unprepared we were for it. Lottie isn’t a fan, but adores her new paddling pool, and even had a dip in the sink at nanny’s house – proper little water baby! Life is so much nice with sunshine, don’t you think?
  • On Sunday we went to the local village fun day and had a mooch around. Lottie loved people watching, Mr M loved his burger, so all in all, it was a success.
  • Mr M has been off work this week and it’s been so lovely to have him around. It’s also always really special when he is home for a while to see his bond grow and strengthen with Lottie. She literally hasn’t given me a second look this week and has been drinking in time with daddy. Even refusing to sleep on the mornings he got up with her.
  • Tuesday was my birthday and I was thoroughly spoilt with love, attention and gifts. I had to go into the office in the morning, but even my lovely colleagues sang and gave me cake! Then Mr M gave me more cake and we popped out to our local pub for lunch while Lottie had a snooze.

Baby unwrapping presents

  • And when we came back, my parents, and my sister and her family came over with… More cake! It was a really lovely afternoon with special people. And so she didn’t feel left out, Lottie had her first taste of chocolate cake, which went down rather well.

Baby with chocolate cake face

  • AND, we finished off the perfect day with our first date together alone since Lottie was born. We went back to the local pub (they must think we’re a bit odd, but we didn’t want to go too far away) and had a really lovely meal. We probably should have done it sooner as I really felt that we reconnected and while we really missed Lottie, it was lovely to have some time as just us again.

Date night

  • My auntie and uncle visited from Wales for the day on Wednesday. It was so lovely to see them and catch up as we haven’t seen them since about October last year.
  • For the rest of the week, we have been working on our garden. Mr M has jetwashed and painted our decking, built an 11-piece new garden furniture set and we’ve weeded and dug and it’s looking great. There’s lots more to do, but it’s finally becoming a space we really want to use, rather than just a garden.
  • Our friends, who are expecting their first baby in a few weeks have moved in three doors down from us. So lovely to have someone to pop in for tea with and I can’t wait for lots of newborn snuggles soon.
  • I won a competition with Mama Academy on social media. I’m so excited!

How has your week been? I hope you’ve got some happy memories of it.

 Quite Frankly She Said