Happy days: Furniture climbing and gifts

We’ve had a fairly quiet week here. Lottie has been trying to change her nap routine and so we’ve been stuck at home a fair bit while she decides when exactly she’d like to sleep, bless her. All that and the last few days, she has gone back to the exact routine she was in to start with. I think she just likes mixing things up a bit to keep me on my toes!

Away day: I took my dad to hospital one day this week and Lottie went to my best friend’s house. She was as good as gold, had a nap, ate lunch and cuddled all morning. So proud.

A night out: I went out. Like really out! My sister and I were going to go for dinner, then see Bridget Jones, but we ended up nattering too much and missing the film. But it didn’t matter a bit. It was so nice to be out, lovely food, and great to have a bit of time out with my sister.

Furniture surfing: Lottie is on the move. She is totally obsessed with climbing the furniture and walking while holding onto your hands. It’s like an obsession and she’s so proud of herself when she gets up.


New bracelet: My ex-colleagues have been trying to organise a lunch for ages and I have just been too busy, so this week, they sent me a leaving present Рa gorgeous Links of London bracelet. So kind РI absolutely love it and it really cheered me up.

Cousin time: It was really nice to see my sister again today, this time with my niece. After lunch, her and Lottie had a lovely time at the park together. So lovely to see them play together.


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