Frankie’s newborn essentials

It’s funny just how different all babies are. When I look back at Lottie’s newborn essentials, they’re pretty different to this time around. The two that are most definitely still on the list, though, are the Fisher Price Playmat, which Frankie doubles up as a playground and a bed; and the Dr Browns bottles. I used other bottles to start with this time around, but quickly went straight back to buy more Dr Browns – nothing beats them.

I also thought that Lottie was no longer a newborn at six weeks. This time I stretched that period to three months. I’m in denial.

These were, and in many cases, still are, a few of our favourite baby things.

Amawrap – When you’ve got more than one child, gone are the days of cradling a baby in your arms while they sleep. Your toddler or other children need food, dressing, nappy changing, attention, etc (needy little things, kids) and you need hands free. Frankie wasn’t a fan of a Moses Basket at home, as lying flat generally caused her to projectile vomit, so she spent most of her first few months in the Amawrap sling. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it’s comfortable, easy to put on, washes well and it’s safe. I didn’t wear Lottie, but now that I have used this, I wish I had. I’m sure the Kangaroo Care has a lot to do with why Frankie is so chilled and easy going.

Huge muslins – By about week three, I had the washing machine on the go constantly. Every single bottle she was fed resulted in a full outfit change for both of us. Having just had a baby, I didn’t have much that fitted me anyway, so I invested in some bed-sheet size muslins to cover us both and mop up the mess. I bought these ones from ebay, and now that there is less sick to contend with, I also double them up as lightweight blankets.

Alison – Our cranial osteopath, who basically cured the reflux. Angel.

Babymule – We got our Babymule when I was pregnant with Lottie and it’s been used pretty much daily ever since and still looks like new. It’s even more useful now, as the basket of our iCandy has been taken up with the carrycot now that it’s a double, and if I hang a bag from the handle, it nearly hits Frankie in the head, so I use the Babymule as a rucksack and it’s big enough to fit all you need for two under two in an organised manner.

Nomi Chair – This chair starts as a newborn seat and then converts to a highchair and then to a child’s chair. We currently have it upstairs and it serves as somewhere to pop Frankie when you are having a shower, getting ready, changing Lottie, putting the washing away etc, etc. It’s about waist height, which Frankie loves, because she can see what’s going on easily and feel part of things and she is safe. It’s also really stylish and looks like a nice piece of furniture rather than a garish children’s seat.

Tropika – I’ve written about this before, but I absolutely love the Tropika Little Spa. It has sorted out Frankie’s dry skin, it smells divine and it helps her sleep.

Cuddledry towel – Whoever designed this towel is a genius. I don’t know how you would get a slippery newborn out of the bath and snuggle them up warm, without getting yourself soaked with a normal towel. The apron design means that you can get the baby straight out of the bath, pop the hood on and cuddle them up to dry them. It’s also ridiculously soft and warm.

Snuzpod – Since Lottie moved out of our room, we got a new super king size bed, so we wouldn’t be able to fit a cot in there with us any more. The Snuzpod is the perfect size for Frankie to snooze by the size of my bed. We haven’t attached it to the bed, as ours is too high, but the little window is a great way to check on the baby without getting out of bed, and Frankie seems super comfy in there.

Cot mobile – I picked up a new mobile in Aldi at one of their baby and toddler events as Lottie’s one didn’t attach to the Snuzpod. And despite it’s bargain price, Frankie loves it, and it gives us something to entertain her in a safe space, while we run the bath, get ready, make bottles up etc.

Theraline Plushy Moon – This pillow was sent to us for review when Lottie was born, but it’s still used as much as ever, if not more. I feed Frankie on this pillow, rather than cradling her in my arm, so that I have an arm free to read books, build Mega Blok towers, etc etc with Lottie, or even drink coffee on the rare occasion that I get a moment with only Frankie. It’s also handy for naps and to support your arm when she sleeps on you.

A big sister – Frankie adores her sister and as long as they are in the same room, she is quite happy to just watch her and grin at her. A big sister is perfect entertainment.

A cuddly toy – Lottie didn’t really bother with soft toys until recently, but Frankie just loves a cuddle, especially when she is going to sleep.




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