Frankie’s faves: Original Cuddledry towel

One of Frankie’s favourite times of the day is bath time. Her and Lottie play so nicely together, splashing and giggling, and it’s a lovely happy way to round off the day.

But every parent who has tried to get a slippery, wriggly baby out of the bath, wrap them in a towel to keep them warm and keep themselves dry at the same time, knows that it can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. So one of the products I decided to buy when Frankie was tiny, was the Original Cuddledry towel and it was one of my must have essentials for those first few months.

In fact, we were still using it daily (and desperately trying to wash and dry it in the same day ready for the next bathtime, when Cuddledry contacted us to tell us about their new designs.

To mark ten years since its Dragon’s Den appearance, the company is launching a new Scandi inspired colourways range, with a new Pure White, Natural White with Blue Edging and Natural White with Pink Edging.

We were sent the pink version to review. It might sound a bit irrelevant, but the first thing I noticed, was how lovely the packaging is. I do like a nice box. Which is silly really, as you throw it away as soon as you’ve opened it. But I think the little ribbon handle and window box, would make it a really nice gift for a new baby.

Anyway, I digress.

The first thing that I noticed about the actual towel, is just how sumptuously soft it is. I want an adult version to snuggle up in after a bath. The towel has two layers, one natural cotton and one soft bamboo, which are designed to draw moisture away from the baby and keep them warm. And it really works. By the time I’ve got from the bathroom to the bedroom, with Frankie cuddled up in the towel, she is pretty much dry.

I think the best thing about the Cuddledry towel, though, is how easy it is to get Frankie out of the bath without getting myself soaking wet. You simply do up the poppers around your neck, scoop your baby out of the water, pop the hood over their hair and cuddle them in. Frankie is a wriggly little thing and getting her out and into a normal towel gets everyone in the vicinity soaking wet and she’s so slippery, I feel like I’m going to drop her, so being able to wrap her up easily is brilliant.

Because I’m not soaking wet from getting her out of the bath, and she is warm and dry, the towel makes it perfect for extra cuddles with Frankie, as we’re both comfortable enough to snuggle up. Even if I do enjoy it a bit more than she looks like she is!

Frankie really seems to like the Cuddledry towel and she’s always grabbing it and cuddling up in it after her bath. And I think she looks super cute in the pink version.

And last but not least, I’m really impressed with how well it washes. The towel stays just as soft as it was at the beginning after it’s been washed. It hasn’t bobbled or gone hard like towels sometimes do. And it also dries pretty quickly, ready for the next bath time.

Cuddledry also offers lots of other fab products such as this lovely wash bag.


We were sent this towel for the purpose of this review, but all opinions and views are my own.


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