Five horses with better hair than you

The elusive ‘good hair day’ is a luxury most of us experience few and far between and, more often than not, we’re thankful that we can cover the damage with a riding hat.

But, unlike my go-to style which is mainly a mixture of dry shampoo and hope, here are five horses that have set the bar high when it comes to gorgeous locks.

Horse with multicoloured mane

Kylie Jenner may *think* she started the trend for rainbow hair? But really, this beautiful filly has been working her multi-coloured mane for some time, long before you wanted to keep up with the Kardashians.

Festival chic horses

When it comes to festival chic, these three friends have come up with a look that would put your coachella-inspired braids to shame.

Blonde bombshell horse

This beauty running towards us not only puts the Baywatch bombshells to shame, but the way it catches the afternoon light is a sight to behold.

Piebald horse

Platinum blonde and jet black is a hard combination to pull off without looking trashy, but this horse has executed the look in a way that you could only dream of doing.

Horse with french braid mane

And finally, this horse has pulled off a french plait that no amount of YouTube tutorials would allow you to compete with.

The key to beautiful manes and coats is a good diet, so make sure that your horse gets all the key nutrients it needs with the help of feed balancers.

Of course, a balanced diet is key to beautiful manes and coats, but because many horses and ponies don’t need the recommended amount of traditional compound feed, their diet can often be lacking in key nutrients. Feed balancers for horses can provides concentrated nutrition without unwanted calories, helping to balance out a forage-based diet – so make sure your horse is getting the very best nutrition if they’re going to compete with the beautiful horses above. Ben’s on track for a rainbow mane very soon!

I’d love to see pictures of your horses showstopping manes and tails in the comments.

This post was written in collaboration with Spillers.