First year baby essentials

We are nearing Lottie’s first birthday *sobs quietly* and I won’t lie, the last 11 and a half months have been something of a whirlwind, which left me wondering recently how on earth we (well mainly I šŸ˜‰ ) have managed to stay sane.

I don’t care how calm you are, how chilled, a new baby turns your relatively simple life upside down and inside out and I don’t think you can ever really be fully prepared for that.

When I was pondering how we had kept our baby happy and contentĀ for this long and we were still largely sane, I realised that there are lots of thingsĀ whichĀ have helped hugely with the process – baby essentials – and I thought I would share them in the hope that they might give someone else some ideas to make their baby life easier too.

  1. Playmat. Gives you five minutes to have a shower, or any other need while baby is immobile.
  2. The Jumperoo. If you have or are having a baby, buy, beg or borrow one of these. They are lifesavers when they get too big for the playmat.Jumperoo
  3. White noise machine. They come in various guises, ours is a giraffe, there are also sheep, mobile apps, etc. They help to block out other noise in the house, and help baby to sleep.
  4. Baby wipes. I remember buying a box of 12 packs while I was pregnant and thinking they would last forever. They didn’t. Apart from the obvious, baby wipes are the holy grail for kids – quick, easy cleaning for pretty much anything. You can’t buy too many.
  5. Dettol wipes. I never knew these existed before Lottie arrived, but anything that needs more disinfectant properties than a baby wipe, a Dettol wipe will cover. Between the two – all cleaning needs covered!
  6. Calpol. From the first jabs to the first cold and all the teething in between.
  7. Babymule change bag. Literally fits the world in it. And men don’t mind carrying them either. Bonus.
  8. Prosecco. No explanation needed.
  9. Coffee. For times when prosecco isn’t acceptable.Coffee
  10. Cot mobile. While baby is little, this may give you the time you need to wash your hair. Lottie will still happily watch hers for enough time for me to shower and dress each day.
  11. Video monitor. We only had an audio monitorĀ until we got our Babymoov Touch Screen Video Baby Monitor from the lovely people at KidlyĀ and it has been a godsend. No more running up and down the stairs all night and wondering if she’s OK every time you hear a noise.Baby video monitor
  12. The local takeaway. You rarely, if ever, go out any more, so the money will be well spent on a Friday night Chinese. No cooking and minimal washing up. Need I say more?
  13. A Lamaze toy. Lottie has Freddie Firefly and it was the only toy she took much notice of when she was tiny and she still loves it now.
  14. TOWIE. Or your choice of trash TV for a bit of mindless entertainment when you’re knackered of an evening.
  15. Long handled dustpan and brush. Weaning is messy. Save your back.
  16. The pub. Whether it’s for coffee with other mums, or lunchtime drinks with your other half while baby naps in the cot, it just might make you feel like you still have a life. And it means you get out of the house to somewhere other than baby groups or your mum’s house.

The pub

What were the products that got you through your first year with a baby? I’d love to hear your additions.

Please note – this is not a sponsored post, just products we have loved over the last year.


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