Dear Lottie Bella: Five months old

Dear Lottie Bella

Every month when I write to you, I think I couldn’t possibly love you more, but then we spend another month together and I think your place in my heart gets even bigger. You really are the most gorgeous baby girl.

2016-01-16 12.30.15

2016-01-16 12.33.06

2016-01-16 12.31.13

In your fifth month in the world, we celebrated your first Christmas, In all honesty, you probably had no idea what was going on, but you really enjoyed playing with your new toys and getting lots of attention from all of the family. Everyone said what a lovely baby you were and were amazed at how well behaved you are. You never really cry unless you are hungry or tired and seem to take life in your stride.

2015-12-25 17.05.57

Santas little helper baby

Baby Christmas stocking

Baby with puppet

Last month, you had started to laugh at certain people, but now you are giggling like a drain at all of your faves. You have suddenly decided I am funny as well as daddy (I actually always was, you just didn’t notice!) but when you go up to get changed for your bath, Daddy tickles you and plays with you and you are in stitches. You’re such a happy little girl.

This month, we were given a jumperoo for you and it is your new absolute favourite toy. You will stay in there, bouncing away for ages. It satisfies your need to be upright – you just love to sit up, stand up and bounce now.  You are very nearly sitting unaided and we only have to hold your hips to keep you steady. One of your other favourite things to do is lying on your front on someone’s knee and looking around. Goodness knows why, and we do get some funny looks, but it keeps you happy.

2016-01-17 15.34.39

You’re still great at sleeping and we have even managed some naps in your cot in the last few weeks. You would far rather have a cuddle to go to sleep but we are getting there slowly.

I think by next month you will be ready for some food. Your teeth are moving and you are desperately chewing on everything, but no teeth have actually appeared yet.

This month you are loving:

Your new bath chair – you just sit there like the queen of Sheba being washed and taking it all in

Mirrors – even mid-crying, if you catch a glimpse of your reflection, you will smile.

Baby in the mirror

Your jumperoo

Sleeping – and you’re finally starting to sleep in your cot, the bouncer and your pram.

2016-01-05 14.45.19

2016-01-11 13.33.33

Smiling at everyone and having a good old chat with anyone who will listen.

Chewing. Everything goes straight in your mouth.

Lights – still a failsafe way to cheer you up – just turn the light on. Santa’s grotto was like heaven for you.

Baby at Santas Grotto


Your new toys, especially the puppet that kisses you all over

Baby with puppet

As you grow up and become more interactive, I could not be more proud of you. You are content, happy and chilled and are a real pleasure to be around. We have such fun with you and I really can’t imagine life without you any more. In a way I’m dreading you turning six months as it feels like you are growing up, but in another way, I cannot wait to see what the next month brings and how you will change and develop.

Love you millions

Mama xxx



  1. January 18, 2016 / 8:59 pm

    Aww well done with your sleeping little lady! Will you pass the memo onto Parker that it’s actually good haha. Jumperoos add fab aren’t they, that tune drives you made though xx

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