Dear Lottie Bella: Eight months old

Dear Lottie Bella

We are two thirds of the way through your first year already. This month has been a tough one for you, but you never fail to amaze me in the way that you smile through anything.

8 months old smiling 8 months old sitting 8-months-old 1 8-months-old

This month saw you rushed to hospital for what was the first time, but I doubt will be the last. I had a nasty cold and passed it to you (sorry about that, I couldn’t have felt much more guilty than I did though!) You’d been really poorly for a few nights and not able to sleep. Luckily Daddy was home and was helping look after you. Then one morning, after a really bad night, you just went all floppy, you weren’t moving at all. We called the doctor and they said to rush you straight to A&E.

Thankfully you were fine and your brain was just overreacting to the exhaustion and the illness and fever, but my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared. Never a day goes by that I don’t appreciate how lucky we are to have you, but I think when something like that happens, as a parent you realise that your child is your life. I do not know what I would do without you and we are so fortunate that this was nothing serious. There’s been lots of cuddles this last few weeks.

baby cuddles

Onto happier things from the last month though, you have cut another tooth, so you now have two at the bottom front. It caused you some pain and was right in the middle of you being poorly, but you coped amazingly well and your sweet sweet smile still shone through.

You also went to the zoo for the first time. Your favourite was the goat. You took no notice of the tigers or lions. I think we’ll go to the farm next time!

And this month, you have started to sleep through the night! Yay! It’s not every single night, but it seems to be becoming more and more often and we couldn’t be happier. You wake up bright as a button and grinning from ear to ear, so sleep obviously suits you.

Your eating is still going well. You’ve decided against banana, but apart from that and carrot, you really do eat anything, which we are so pleased about. Long may it continue.

Baby breakfast

You’ve also been on the swings for the first time. I’m not sure you knew what was going on, but you put up with it for a few minutes. You thought watching daddy on the swings was really funny though.


This month, you are loving:

Your feet – You’ll spend ages on the change mat, or lying on the sofa, grabbing your feet, putting them in your mouth, holding them and watching them intently. So sweet.

Bubbles – You saw some bubbles at Baby Sensory and absolutely loved them, so we bought you some big ones for the garden and you are entranced by them. And you think it’s hilarious if they pop on you.

Blowing raspberries – I think this is something to do with teething, but you have suddenly started blowing raspberries all the time. If someone blows them back at you, you’re in tucks. You’re not adverse to blowing them with a mouthful of food or milk either, which you think is even more funny.

The space blanket – Hours of fun!


Turning around in your cot – You’ve suddenly realised that you can put your feet on the bars and push yourself around your cot. We never know which way round you will be when we come to get you from a nap.

Banging your hands – The minute we put you in the highchair, you start to bang the table. You bang anything that is in front of you and are quite proud of yourself for doing it.

The jumparoo – The novelty hasn’t yet worn off.


Books – We’ve read to you since you were tiny, but you have suddenly got really interactive with your books – you’l bang them with your hands, turn the pages and stare intently at the pictures. I hope you’ll be a little bookworm – one of life’s lovely pastimes.

This month has been tough, we’ve been tired, we’ve hated seeing you suffering and not being able to help, but you’ve been amazing. Your smile is never far away, despite the adversity you are facing and I’m so proud of how tough you are and how positive you are and what a fighter you are. I know you’re going to be a gentle little soul, but a strong, beautiful person. Actually, you’re not going to be, you already are! And I just adore you.

All my love

Mama xxx


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