Dear Lottie Bella: 22 months old

Dear Lottie Bella

As I type this letter to you, I am sitting in the garden on one of the hottest June days ever and you are fast asleep (on your tummy, bottom up, in just a nappy) upstairs, while Frankie is snoozing in her Moses basket inside.

And it seems that we are finally falling into something resembling a routine as a family of four and with the three of us during the day. For the first time, this week, you and Frankie seem to be coordinating your afternoon naps and I’m finally caught up with washing, housework and am starting to blog again.

And you are so happy in your little routine and life. We go out to groups in the mornings – Zumbini on a Monday is your favourite, and you love the stay and play sessions at the children’s centre in the village too. You go off exploring and watching other children play. You’re a quiet, gentle little soul and if you get pushed or someone is mean to you, it breaks my heart, because you just look very confused, wondering why that’s happening and you never hit or push back. I worry sometimes that you are too gentle for this world.

You are still rather a hesitant big sister. You watch Frankie a lot. You laugh at her when she burps or laughs, or when she is having tummy time, but I don’t think you know quite what to do with her yet. I think you love her as you often come and ask to kiss her and you still go to her crib every morning to see her. Once she is up and playing, I think your relationship will blossom.

Your walking is coming on a treat now and you would walk everywhere if you possibly could. You’re not keen on the buggy at all anymore, you would far rather be off exploring than being pushed around.

Teeth are your nemesis at the moment. You have the big canine ones coming through all together and you are really suffering with them. I have to be honest, you’ve been a bit grumpy with them, which is so unlike you, but I can totally understand it as it must be so painful.

The last two months, you have been loving:

Parties – We went to your cousin’s sixth birthday party recently and you were in your absolute element. It took you a while to warm up, as all the children were much bigger than you, but once you got comfortable, you had a whale of a time. It was so sweet watching you trying to join in with all the games and although you are my big girl, you suddenly looked so tiny in that big hall with all the bigger children.

Visiting preschool – We have been offered a place for you to start pre-school in September, so we went to have a look around last week and meet all of the staff and children. I was worried that you would be a bit nervous in a new environment, but I was totally wrong and you went straight in to play while I looked around. I can’t really think about you going off on your own yet, so I’m leaving this subject right here.

Dancing – You have suddenly started to dance. Every time music comes on, or someone sings, you immediately start to bop and it is just the most adorable thing.

Kissing – Big open mouthed, sloppy kisses for everyone. You walk up to us with your mouth open and often grab our faces and pull us in for a kiss.

Chocolate – You’ve discovered the good stuff and nobody is safe to eat it in your view any more.

The great outdoors – You’re still obsessed with going outside. You have just discovered the big green at the front of the house and you go running to the door every time you hear it open. You go straight outside when we go to the children’s centre and you still adore the park. Whatever the weather, you’ll be outside in a heartbeat if we let you.

Bathtime – We went through a stage of hating the bath and crying from the moment we put you in. But you’ve suddenly decided it’s OK again and it’s so lovely to see you and Frankie splashing around together.

CBeebies – You’ve never really taken much notice of the TV. You loved In The Night Garden when you were little, but didn’t take notice of anything else. But you’ve suddenly started to enjoy Mr Tumble and Topsy and Tim and will sit for a few minutes to watch.

Shape sorters and flashcards – Your current favourite toys which both make lots of mess and get scattered all over the house.

The swings – A bit like bathtime, you went off the swings when you found your feet, but you’ve suddenly rediscovered them and you squeal with delight when we put you on them.

In the last few months, you’ve started to really become your own little person. You know what you like and what you don’t like and make that quite clear. You’re fun to be around, you give lovely cuddles and we laugh together every single day.

I can’t quite believe that the next time I write to you you are going to be two years old. It’s cliche but so true that the days are long, but the years are short and time seems to be running away. in many ways I want time to slow down as I want these days we spend together to last forever, but in other ways, I can’t wait to see what you get up to next and watch you embark on your next adventures.

I love you more than you will ever know, little one.

All my love

Mama xxx


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