Dear Lottie Bella: 16 months-old

Dear Lottie Bella

You’re now 16 months-old and suddenly it seems silly to call you a baby any more. Daddy and I were looking back at photos of your today and we realised just how much you’ve grown up and that you are now a little girl, a toddler, and definitely not a baby any more. Part of me was a bit sad about that, but equally, it’s lovely to see you growing up and becoming the little person you are going to be.

As always, you’ve changed loads in the last two months. I guess the biggest development is that you’ve taken your first unaided steps. So far, they are a bit wobbly and you usually need someone to catch you a few steps along, but you are getting there and you love it when we clap and cheer when you’ve walked – you’re so proud of yourself. You’re standing unaided for longer and longer at a time now too, so I don’t think it will be long until we are running after you.

You have lots more teeth now and a few of your molars have come through, which have been really painful for you and caused a few sleepless nights. You’ve also had a few nasty colds etc over the last month. Despite being pretty much constantly poorly for the last six weeks though, you never fail to be a cheerful, happy little soul and you rarely complain. I must admit that sometimes you put mummy to shame. While I’m moaning and grizzling about all of my pregnancy woes and tiredness, you just continue to explore, play and be your gorgeous little self.

You’ve now moved your nap to the afternoon, so we’ve been getting out and about to more classes and groups in the mornings recently and I’m really starting to see your confidence grow when we’re out and about. Previously, you weren’t too keen to get involved, preferring to stay with me and watch what was going on. Whereas now, you’re more likely to crawl off and explore and interact with other people. It’s so lovely to see you coming out of your shell a bit.

As a result, you are getting quite a sense of what you do and don’t like. If you don’t want to do something, you put the brakes on and shake your head. Whereas if you do like something, you’ll stick with it for ages.

The last two months, you’ve been loving:

Clapping hands: You’ve finally got it and you clap at everything

Stacking and unstacking: Cups, blocks, stacking rings, it doesn’t matter what it is, you just want someone to stack it up so that you can unstack it or ideally knock it down!

Selfies: You think it’s just hilarious to see yourself on the phone.

Talking: You’re saying lots of words now and babbling pretty much non-stop – my all time favourite sound.

Unwrapping presents: You suddenly got the hang of this on Christmas Eve and LOVED your gifts on the big day.

Giving things to people: You’ve suddenly got the hang of passing toys to people and you do it all the time. You want them straight back though.

Playing with other children: You’re getting much braver about playing with other children and it’s so cute to watch you interact.

You’ve been an absolute delight to be around recently Lottie Bella. I know I’m your mummy, so I always have to say that and I always mean it, but as you learn to interact, communicate and play more, you are so much fun and I constantly look forward to hearing your little chuckle and to see what you will do each day. I don’t think you really know how to be grumpy unless there is something genuinely wrong, and even then, it doesn’t last long. You’re a little ray of sunshine and brighten up the day of anyone you come into contact with.

By the next update, you’ll be very close to being a big sister and I can’t wait to see how you take on that big role. No doubt it will be with a smile and a giggle and you’ll be the best big sister this baby could ever wish for.

Love you forever

Mama xxx


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