Dear Lottie Bella: 14 months old

Dear Lottie Bella

I decided when you turned a year old to write to you every two months instead of every month as your growing would surely slow down. Perhaps physically you aren’t growing as fast as your first year now, but you are still developing so quickly. And when I look back at your year update here, it’s amazing how much you have changed.

I guess the biggest news is that you are going to be a big sister. Daddy and I knew this by your first birthday, but until we knew that we had made it through the first trimester of my pregnancy, we didn’t tell anyone about it. When we first found out, we were a little shocked, as we didn’t plan it and if I’m honest, my first thoughts were about how it would affect you. I worried about whether you’d feel left out with a new baby around, whether our relationship would suffer, and if I could still be a good mum to you if I had another little person to look after.

But funnily enough, you’ve grown and matured so much since we found out that I am now in no doubt whatsoever that you are going to be a fabulous big sister. Don’t get me wrong, I think it will take a while for us all to get used to, but you are such a fun, sweet, friendly little girl, that I think you are going to love having a little brother or sister to play with and he or she will adore you, because, quite frankly, everyone who meets you does.

Having said that, I am really trying to treasure the time we have now as just you and me, making special memories and spending lots of time together before our whole dynamic changes again.

You’re finally on the move and you could not be happier about it. You’re in cruising mode at the moment, walking holding on to someone’s hands, cruising round the furniture, even crawling if you think you can get to a piece of furniture to climb up. There’s literally no stopping you

You have two more teeth, which you’ve been pretty laid back about. You get a little bit grumpy, but who wouldn’t? And let me tell you kiddo, it does not interrupt your sleep. Very little does to be honest. You’re like your mum and dad – very partial to your bed and a super sleeper. Lets hope this rubs off on the next baby too. You’re also bigger and we’ve had to buy you a new car seat and you’re well into 12-18 month clothes now. Although I think with all this walking you are getting taller but slimmer.


Your little personality is really coming through now. You are stubborn, determined (just like mummy), but gentle and sweet at the same time. You are always happy (except if you’re hungry or tired (another trait from me, I’m afraid) and you are developing a brilliant sense of humour. You get when things are funny and will laugh at other people laugh. You also have a bit of a dark sense of humour, and will laugh if people trip over, knock something over, or bang themselves – little pickle. If you hear someone say ‘whooooops’, you immediately start to giggle.

You’ve started focusing on things for longer and will really enjoy playing with something, or ‘reading’ a book, or watching something, your attention span is definitely improving. You’ve also really started to recognise people other than daddy and I and you just beam when you see your faves, like nanna and grandad, your aunties, uncles, cousins and our friends. You’re also recognising places, when you get home, or to nanna’s house, you get really excited.


Things you’re loving recently:

Cuddling – You’ve suddenly got more cuddly and I couldn’t be happier about it. You didn’t really used to like a cuddle much, so I’m lapping them up.

Playing – You’ve got some favourite toys now and will sit and play for ages. You often spin around on your bottom while holding a toy. Bizarre but cute. Don’t worry, I’ll video it and play it at your 18th!



Climbing – Nothing is out of bounds where you’re concerned. I need eyes in the back of my head to keep you safe. You’re even trying to climb nanna and grandad’s dogs.climbing-baby


Walking – It’s an obsession to walk right now. As soon as your feet hit the floor, you’re off. I’m pretty sure that by your next update you’ll be walking unaided.


The last few months have been a blast. You’re turning from my gorgeous baby into a gorgeous little girl and I just love to see you change and develop and your delight in life is really infectious. I would not spend my days anywhere except with you and I still look forward to seeing you every morning and when you wake from every single nap.

Life for mummy continues to be sad in many ways with grandad and nanna being so poorly, but no matter how stressful things get, how sad I feel or how lonely I feel, I’ve always got you, to cheer me up and your little face never fails to do that. I cannot imagine how much harder all of this would be without you to lift my spirits and make me marvel at life again.

The next few months will see even more adventures and we will enjoy them together. And I can’t wait.

Love you to the moon and back gorgeous girl.

Mama xxx



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