Dear Little R-M

Dear Little R-M


Dear Little R-M

Now that you have been growing inside me for 25 weeks, you are what the experts call, viable for life. This means that you would have a strong chance of surviving even if you made your entrance into the world now. Although we would rather you didn’t come out straight away. Stay inside for as long as you can please and grow big and strong and healthy.

Now that you are viable for life though, daddy and I have started to allow ourselves to dream for you. To imagine what life might be like when we finally meet you, and to start hoping and making wishes for your future.

We are buying a house to make into a lovely home for the three of us – a cosy, safe place for you to live your life and I am already planning what your nursery will look like, much to your dad’s despair! You’ll learn quite quickly that mummy likes to shop.

But more than that, I wanted to start to write to you now and again so that we don’t forget these hopes, wishes and dreams when you come along and we get swept up in the excitement of getting to know you.

Firstly and most importantly, and what I really want to talk to you about today, is just how much you will be loved.

Daddy and I desperately wanted you from long before you actually became a reality. We tried and failed to conceive for about a year, which compared to lots of people, isn’t long at all, but because we wanted you so badly, it felt like a lifetime. So the day we found out you were coming was, and I think always will be, one of the happiest in my life.

We have been so careful to do everything we should to keep you safe in there and the longer things go on, the more excited we are getting. We already love you more than you will ever know, and I’m sure that love will continue to grow forever more.

Whatever happens in your life, daddy and I will be there to support you.

All the milestones you hit throughout the years, we will be by your side.

Everything you want to achieve, we will be there to help in any way we can, while not interfering or pushing you, just gently supporting you.

When things go wrong, we will be there to pick you up and get you back on track.

If you’re sad, we’ll be there to wipe away your tears and do everything we can to make you smile again (daddy’s good at that – he’s funny!)

And when you are happy, we will laugh along with you and delight in your contentment.

Most importantly, I want you to know, that no matter what else is going on at any time, we will be there for you. All you have to do is call, and we will be beside you, offering all the love, help and support you need.

We will do our best to show you this as you grow, but I want you to always remember this. I love you so much.

All my love

Mummy xxx


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