Dear Frankie Mabel: Two years old

Dear Frankie Mabel, You’re now a fully fledged little girl of two years old and time is still doing that terrible cliche of going far too fast. I did my usual emotional moment on the eve of your birthday, but then you were such a delight from the moment you woke up on your birthday that I had little time to think about it after that.

Two year old in a party dress, smiling at the camera
Two year old in a party dress, opening a present
Two year old in a party dress, eating lunch on the floor

Turns out you absolutely love birthdays now that you understand them and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone so excited about their presents/ cakes/ balloons as you were that day. Your little face will stay with me forever. You shared everything beautifully with your sister and generally made me a very proud mama.

I’ve talked a lot on here about how feisty you can be. Nothing changes now you’re two years old. But I feel I should add that there’s really no malice in it. You are incredibly headstrong. You know exactly what you want. And you usually know how to get it. The only problem comes when you aren’t allowed it. You don’t understand and get really cross, but if I had someone telling me I wasn’t allowed to get what I wanted I’d feel the same.

We’ve found ways to communicate recently which prevent you getting quite so mad about things. We make suggestions of how you could do things differently, or guide you towards something else (good old art of distraction), and you’ve been a little calmer. There’s no getting away from it though, you are smack bang in the middle of the terrible twos. You don’t understand the injustices of life and you can’t communicate well enough, so there is lots of screaming. You aren’t particularly discerning about the backdrop for your tantrums. Just this morning, you threw yourself on the floor and screamed for about two minutes solid in The Range. You’ll also happily have a tantrum in the park, at Stay and Play, or just about anywhere else.

Two year old sitting on a bendh

But equally you are one of the sweetest little girls I have ever come across. If you get over excited and do something naughty, you will always say sorry when you’ve calmed down. And you’re quick to offer a cuddle and try to make me laugh once you’ve calmed down.

Two year old smiling in selfie with mother

You’re a kind little soul. You always notice is someone is sad and try to cheer them up. You will come and find me if Lottie is upset and tell me ‘Lottie sad mama’. You are full of cuddles and kisses and love to snuggle on the sofa with us. And you’re always trying to help me with cleaning, tidying, washing and anything else you can get involved with. ‘I help you mummy.’

Your speech is developing so well and you’re talking in short sentences now. You confidently sing your favourite nursery rhymes and you’ve recently started to recite long chunks of your favourite books. It fascinates me as your memory is amazing.

You now have your top two second molars through, which caused you all sorts of problems, but only two more to go until teething is over in this household!

Two year old sleeping facing mother

Just before you turned two, you discovered you could climb out of your cot, much to your delight and my horror. So we’ve now taken off the sides of your cot. I was really worried about doing it as I thought you’d never stay in there. But you absolutely love your ‘big girl bed’ and quite often go in it during the day to read your books.

Two year old sleeping in bed with teddy

This month you’re loving:

Being outside

It’s mad that since I last wrote to you we’ve had snow, and the last few days have resembled summer. You don’t care either way, though and just love being outside whatever the weather

Two year old in snowsuit and woolly hat in a snowy firld
Two year old crawling through a tunnel in a playground
Two year old on a swing

Julia Donaldson

The love for the Gruffalo has now extended out to all her books: Room on the Broom, The Smartest Giant in Town and A Squash and a Squeeze are your favourites. You demand the CDs every time we get in the car, the books the minute you get up and the films every time the TV is turned on.


Cakes, presents, favourite people… what’s not to love? Turning two years old gave you a real love of birthdays. You sing happy birthday to someone every single day, multiple times, whether it’s their birthday or not.

The stables

Every time I go to the yard, you ask to come too. You absolutely love exploring up there and say hello to all of the animals by name. We can’t leave until we’ve seen every single one of them. You keep asking to ride Ben – I think you would be quite happy to get on him if I let you. You have absolutely no fear when it comes to animals.

Two year old smiling in a selfie with a dark bay horse

Getting dirty

If there’s mud or dirt in the vicinity, you will find it and cover yourself in it.

Two year old holding father's hand, splashing in puddle

Creative play

Doesn’t matter if it’s Play Doh, painting, drawing, sticking or any other crafty activity, you’ll be first in line and last at the table, you absolutely love it. You’re already holding a pen in the tripod grip and you’ll happily tell me what you’re drawing at all times.

Two year old sitting at a table, playing with Play Doh
Two year old in an apron, painting

Frankie’s friends

You absolutely adore other children. Everyone we meet, you remember their name and then tell everyone that they are Frankie’s friends. Every time we leave the house, you list off all of your friends names, asking if we’re going to see them. You’re such a sociable little thing, I think you’re going to adore preschool.

Your second year of life has seen you change and develop so much. But underneath all of your learning and skills, longer hair and limbs, you’re still the same darling little character you were a year ago. You are sweet, funny, caring, feisty, independent and 100 miles per hour.

Whatever you do in life, keep that gorgeous personality the same and you’ll go far little one. Everyone who meets you loves you, and even strangers in the street smile at your happy little character. You stroll through any setting waving and saying Good Morning to anyone who looks your way. And they all wave back. You’re a breath of fresh air and I couldn’t love you more if I tried.

Happy belated birthday little one.

Love your mama xxx


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