Dear Frankie Mabel: Three months old

Dear Frankie Mabel

Already you are a quarter of the way through your first year and the last month has seen you change, grow and develop so much, that I don’t even really know where to start with this letter.

I think the overwhelming picture of you is how happy you are. All we need to do is look at you and you are flashing that gorgeous gummy smile of yours.

I thought your sister was a calm baby, but how chilled you are almost makes her look like a diva in comparison. I’ve honestly never known such a content child as you. You don’t make a fuss when you’re hungry or tired. Even when you had your jabs, you cried for a second but soon calmed down and were flashing that Frankie smile to the nurse before you left her room.

The sleepy newborn stage has now pretty much passed and you’re becoming much more alert and interactive during the day. Part of me is already missing those curled up cuddles, but at the same time, I’m loving watching you discover your world.

You’re still sleeping amazingly well though. You have a bath with Lottie about 7pm, then come down with me for a bedtime bottle and then go to sleep pretty much straight away. On the whole you wake up once at some points urging early morning and go back to sleep until about 6am. Your naps are a bit sporadic during the day but you are already self settling and will pretty much sleep wherever you are when you get tired – play mat, bouncer chair, pram – you’re not fussy.

You’re bounding forward with your development. You’re desperate to sit up and pretty much do tummy crunches if anyone tries to lie you in their arms. You watch people’s mouths while they talk and desperately try to copy them and you just love a chat. You’re nearly able to hold your own bottle. You may be placid but you are a determined little thing and certainly won’t lie back and let the world pass you by.


This month you’ve been loving:

Tummy time – I think you like seeing the world from a different perspective and perhaps you see tummy time as a challenge. Your big sister thinks it’s really funny to see you on your tummy and you both grin at each other which is just lovely to see.

Zumbini  – now that you’re more awake and alert you a re starting to really enjoy the groups we go to, you take everything in. But I think Zumbini is your favourite, you love to watch the children dancing and you join in with playing the instruments too.

Soft toys – you love to have something to hold and cuddle and you will often go to sleep while snipuggling up with your duck. Too cute.

Lottie – your as inaction with Lottie continues and you watch everything she does and grin every time she looks in your direction. I can see you being as thick as thieves in the years to come.

Sleep – you wake up from naps and every morning with a big smile and loads of energy but you do love your sleep.

Swimming – We took you swimming for the first time this month and you absolutely loved it!

Your thumb – You have a dummy to go for naps, but if you can find your thumb, you’ll suck it!

Being mama to you and your sister is an exhausting and tough job, but it is also the most rewarding job in the world. When I wake up to see your gorgeous smile and innocent face, I’m ready to do anything in my power to look after you, care for you and make you happy.

You are a delight to have around. Everyone you meet falls for you and I can’t wait to see who you are going to grow up to be. But there’s no rush little one. Slow down!

All my love forever,

Mama xxx


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