Dear Frankie Mabel: Six months old

Dear Frankie Mabel

So, we’re halfway through your first year already. I’m sure it was only a few months ago that I was in labour with you and panicking about how we would manage with two under two. But you and your big sister have actually made that a thoroughly enjoyable task. A bloody hard, exhausting job, but a delightful one nonetheless. And one I wouldn’t change for the entire world.


Lottie is two now and here you are at six months old, so I can’t blame the good old ‘two under two’ cliché for my exhaustion any more, so I’m turning my attention to you. You are such a little whirlwind that I just can’t keep up with you. Your dogged determination with every task you are faced with, means that you are storming through your milestones as though you are trying to complete a task list in record time.

And while keeping up with you is practically impossible, I’m loving coming along for the ride and marvelling at your tenacity. This month, you have mastered getting up on your hands and knees. I did think you may have been crawling by the time I wrote this update, but having spent a week or so rocking on all fours, you have progressed to hands and feet in some fashion of a downward dog yoga pose. I’m not sure entirely what you are working on. I’m not even sure if you know, but what is for certain is that you’ll be chasing Lottie around in some way before you are much older.

You may not quite be crawling yet, but you are getting around pretty well. You’re brilliant at going backwards and can roll across a room to get what you want with ease. Basically you’re never where I left you if I so much as turn my back for a few seconds.

You’ve also cut two little teeth, which makes that little grin of yours all the cuter. You didn’t seem to suffer too much when they were coming through, just a few grumpy, sleepy days and they appeared within a few days of each other. Hopefully the next 18 will be as simple for you.

One of the biggest developments in the last month is that we seem to be getting closer to finding out what’s been making you poorly the last six months. The doctor has put you on a special dairy free formula and you are so much better. You’re still sick rather a lot and there are a few other symptoms that haven’t entirely cleared up, so we are heading back to the GP to see what’s next, but it’s such a huge relief to see you so much better. There’s nothing worse than watching your children suffer and not being able to help, but hopefully, we are now helping and we’ll get you 100 per cent better very soon.

Lottie is off to preschool a few mornings a week now, so we get a bit of quality time together. I’m not kidding myself that you would not rather have her at home, but you’ve tolerated me, and we’ve even been to a baby group, which you were absolutely delighted with. Sensory play for babies introduced you to the fact that there are other tiny people in the world and you wasted no time at all in making friends, and by the end of the session, you were holding hands with a little boy called Sonny. I think we’re going to have to watch you.

Lottie is still your absolute favourite person in the world and you are definitely growing on her too. The two of you have started to play a lot more together and your squeals of laughter and joy every time she turns her attention to you, is just delightful.

This month you have been loving:

Crawling practice – Your absolute favourite pastime

Books – Your interest in books has gone up a level recently and you couldn’t be happier than if we read you a story. It’s difficult to do as you are intent on grabbing the book from our hands

Other babies – Pure fascination

Sleep – With your active days, you’re exhausted by the time you go to bed, so your amazing night time sleeping has thus far continued. You may wake up once, but rarely more than that. Naps are a little hit and miss and you do still love an early morning, but we have migrated from the 4.40am alarm to a more respectable 5.15 at times of late, so it’s going in the right direction

Your feet and socks – The minute I put a pair of socks on you, your sole mission in life is to take them off, suck them until they are too soggy to put back on, then eat your feet. I fear your feet will be rather cold for most of the winter

Tickles – I’ve never known such a ticklish little person

Toys – You’ve started to take much more interest in toys and will happily play with Lottie for ages

I simply can’t imagine life without you in it now sweet girl. Your fierce little character is always coupled with the sweetest smile, the gentlest cuddle and the happiest giggles. You wake up with a smile and you rarely fuss or cry unless there is genuinely something wrong (then, you can easily make the neighbours go deaf with your scream). You keep me on my toes, you fascinate me and you make me laugh every day.

I can’t wait to see what the next month will bring to your little life.

I love you to the moon and all the way back

Mama xxx


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