Dear Frankie Mabel: Seven months old

Dear Frankie Mabel

I think it’s fair to say your seventh month in the world was as full on as the previous ones. You’ve ticked off another list of milestones. You’ve kept me fairly and squarely on my toes (rarely allowing me to get off my feet in fact), and we’re some way, hopefully, towards finding a way to get you better from all of your awful reflux and illness.

I’m going to save the reflux news for another post. I want these updates to focus on your development, you as a little person, and not on the illness that could quite easily define you, as it defines so much of your days. Suffice to say, we took you to see a private paediatrician in the end and you have a diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux and non IGE mediated allergies. We have a few drugs, a new diet, and an appointment with a dietician sorted for the next few weeks, so hopefully you will start to get some relief soon.

Meanwhile, you decided you were bored of rolling around the floor and quickly decided to sit yourself up, and start to crawl. And once you worked out how to move, there was literally no stopping you.

baby sitting up with milestone card, reading today I sat up for the first time.

You’ve now got one of your top two front teeth too, and the other one is very nearly through. The top two have definitely caused you more hassle than the bottom two did. You’ve been chewing on anything and everything, and been really unsettled in general.

But that has worked out fairly well in terms of weaning. You’ve started on solid foods now and so far, you are loving it. We decided to try with baby led weaning and you’ve taken to it like a duck to water. Your sister wasn’t hugely keen on the mess involved, but you get stuck right in and don’t care how far you spread the food. We’re still waiting to see the dietitian so we’ve started with pretty simple things, like fruit and veg and you’re just loving it. You’re not at all keen on using a spoon and would even eat yoghurt with your hands if you possibly could.

Side profile of baby covered in banana in  pink bib, eating a piece of banana

We’ve had a bit of a set back with sleep this month, and you’re now back to waking up a few times in the night, and back to your favourite very early morning starts. Your naps are still all over the place, but you are starting to settle much better when you’re tired, which is a big step in the right direction.

This month you’ve been loving:

Exploring – You’re mobile, so you can get to all the nooks and crannies that you’ve been dying to check out for the last six months.

Dogs – Nana and grandad’s dogs were what finally got you crawling. I put you down on the floor, you saw the dog under the table and got so excited to go and see him, that you cracked crawling and went to have a cuddle. We’re really lucky that they are brilliant with children, but I have to keep you in check. You get so excited that you literally grab their faces and throw yourself on them.

Eating – You were really ready to start on solids and so far you’ve tried everything that we’ve put in front of you.

Your walker – You absolutely love zooming around the house in your walker. I think you’d stay in there all day if you could.

baby sitting in bike design walker, smiling over the  handlebars

baby leaning out of walker, playing with trolley of plastic fruit and veg

Saying dada – All. Day. Long.

Chasing Lottie – Finally, you can get to Lottie. But she’s terrified of you now that you’re crawling, so backs off as soon as you head in her direction.

In the Night Garden – You are mesmerised by In The Night Garden and it’s the only time when you are awake that you will stay quiet and still for any length of time.

The swings – You giggled like a drain on your first go on the swings and you just love going to the park.

baby sitting on a swing, laughing

Holidays – You went on your first holiday to Centre Parcs and got stuck in to everything there and just loved it, especially the swimming pool.

baby lying on tummy, holding chest and head up, smiling, in front of a fireplace

father holding baby girl, drinking from a pint of beer, with baby holding on to the glass

To be quite honest, Frankie, I’m in awe of you. You are sick and in pain from pretty much the minute you get up every morning until you go to bed at night. Your condition would put most children and in fact most adults into a permanently miserable state. But not you. Your lust for life, your determination and your progress are unfaltering and most of the time you manage that gorgeous dimply smile. You always grin at people when they talk to you, you explore every inch of life and you get great satisfaction from just being alive. You are a delight to have around. Albeit a rather exhausting one.

I think once we’ve got you better, you’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.

I couldn’t love you more

Mama xxx


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