Dear Frankie Mabel: Nine months old

Dear Frankie Mabel

Such a boring cliche, but time really needs to slow down. You’re actually nearly 10 months old and I feel we are hurtling towards your first birthday at terrifying speed and in my head you are still a tiny baby. You, on the other hand, are still developing and growing up at an alarming rate and are an absolute tonic to have around.

I guess the most positive news over the last two months (sorry, you are the typical second child and I missed your nine month update altogether!) is that we seem to finally be getting a handle on your reflux and allergies and you’ve been so much better in the last few weeks. You still have sick days, but you also have non-sick days in between, which is such an enormous relief, I can’t tell you. There’s absolutely nothing worse than watching your child suffer and not being able to help them.

What hasn’t changed is your sunny personality. You have an enviable lust for life and when you’re awake, you are constantly smiling, laughing, exploring, playing and having fun. Adults could learn an awful lot from your outlook on life. But while you are confident, bright and happy, there is a very sweet, gentle and more cautious side to you when you are faced with new situations sometimes.

nine month old baby girl in stripy top and jeans, holding a card and laughing

Since learning to crawl at six months, there is no stopping you. You are so fast at crawling, you are pulling yourself up on furniture and people effortlessly, which gives you access to, well, pretty much everything you shouldn’t have. You hound Lottie, getting involved in all her games and grabbing her toys. This often ends up in a tug of war, but you are so lucky to have such a tolerant big sister as she never pushes you or hurts you, despite you being the epitome of an annoying little sister at times.

nine month old girl standing up in cot, in blue pyjamas, smiling

Your relationship with Lottie is definitely blossoming since you’ve become a bit more mobile and interactive. The two of you often laugh together and despite you annoying her regularly, she loves you dearly. She pats you on the head every night when you go to bed. And you still hero worship her. She only has to look at you to make you giggle and smile. It’s so lovely to watch your relationship develop.

You now have five teeth and they are giving you a lot of trouble when they come through, poor lamb. There’s another one literally ready to break through and then hopefully you’ll get a bit of a break. Everything is consequently going straight in your mouth, making photos with milestone cards tricky at best!

baby girl in pink top sitting up and biting a milestone card saying today I am eight months old

Sleep is a bit hit and miss at the moment. We had a period of you sleeping through the night and starting to get up at a reasonable time in the morning, but I think your teeth are starting to bother you at night and we often have a few wakings now. You tend to go back down fairly easily and don’t make too much fuss, so I shouldn’t really complain (but I do, regularly!)

Over the last two months, you’ve been loving:

Clapping – As soon as you hear anyone clap, you immediately join in.

The walker – In order to stop you killing yourself or Lottie, we have a walker to put you in if I need to nip out of the room. You love being able to zoom around the house in it.

nine month old baby girl, in walker, looking up and laughing

Waving – As soon as someone walks into the room, you start to wave.

Cruising – As soon as you are put down, you find something to pull yourself up on and you’re off, exploring.

Your dolly -Your cousin gave you a doll and you absolutely love it. You kiss it and cuddle it, and say ahhhhh every time you see it.

baby girl kissing baby doll

Eating – You’re still at that lovely stage where you will try anything and really enjoy getting stuck in. You won’t eat anything except yoghurt from a spoon, so mealtimes can be rather messy.

baby in highchair wearing bib, holding broccoli

baby in highchair, covered in tomato sauce with spaghetti in front of her

The swings – You especially love it if Lottie is on the swing next to you. You think it’s hilarious to watch her swinging past you.

baby girl sitting on park swing, smiling

The trolley – You’re up high and can have a good nosey at the rest of the supermarket.

baby in a stripey top, sitting in supermarket trolley, smiling

I think the overarching impression of you is a happy little girl. Every day, you make me smile and laugh. You make friends everywhere you go. You go straight into most situations and give everything 100% effort and energy. I could not be prouder of the brave, determined, sweet, fun little person you are growing into. Don’t ever change.

All my love, forever,

Mama xxx




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    Awww what beautiful bubba girl you have

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