Dear Frankie Mabel: Four months old

Dear Frankie Mabel

Time with you seems to be going so much quicker than it seemed to with your sister. Perhaps because life is so much busier this time around. Already you are four months old, which means that in a couple of months, you’ll hit that six month milestone and move into your own room, start eating solid food and generally stop being such a tiny baby. If you could just slow down a bit, I’d really appreciate it as I am so not ready for that yet.

There’s a large chance you might be our last baby. So I’m desperately trying to hold on to the snuggles.The baby smell. The way you look at me while you are feeding. Your dependence on me… But already ¬†you are growing and developing so fast and it’s so special to watch.

Your biggest milestone right at the beginning of this month was learning to roll over.

And you absolutely love it. I’m sure most babies hate being on their tummies, but you’d rather be there than anywhere else. The minute we put you down, you roll. We can’t leave you anywhere any more to nip to the toilet or to grab something as we never know where you’ll be when we come back! You’ve even started to roll over in the pram.

While you’re on your tummy, you’re managing to get your little bottom right up in the air and you can hold your chest up for ages. I’m pretty sure it won’t be too long before you put those two together and you’ll be off. Lottie had better watch out.

Your sleeping is still amazing. You have started to nap for an hour or so when Lottie does in the afternoon now, so our house is finally getting a little cleaner, I’m actually cooking meals for once and I feel a little more sane, so thank you for that sweetie. At night, you usually sleep through, or get up for a bottle once. You do seem to be an early riser and it’s not unknown for you to start your day as early as 3.45am, but when you’ve been asleep since 7pm, I can’t really complain (I do sometimes, if I’m honest, but I shouldn’t.)

You’re a determined little thing and you will keep trying and trying, concentrating so so hard, until you do what it is you’ve set out to do. I think you get that from me, I rarely admit defeat. You’re grabbing at toys on the playmat, holding your own bottle, just ploughing through the milestones as if they were challenges. You’re so different to your sister in that way, as she has daddy’s laid back nature and will give things a try, but quickly lose interest if she can’t do something.

Talking of Lottie, she is still your idol. And now that you are getting a bit more active and chatty, she is getting a bit braver with talking to you and even touching your feet sometimes. You are over the moon about this development and it’s so lovely to see you two beginning to interact after such a slow start. At least her nervousness translates into her being incredibly gentle, so we never have to worry about the two of you being together.

This month you have been loving:

Singing – if someone sings to you, your little face just lights up. You stop what you’re doing and listen for as long as they will sing. Even when daddy starts…

Your feet – you have suddenly discovered that you have feet and they are an endless source of amusement. Always readily available.

Rolling over – and rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and rolling.

The swing chair – when you get frustrated with yourself for rolling, you really enjoy a little chill out and watch the world go by in your swinging chair.

Watching cricket with Grandad – I think it’s the colours and the movement, but you’ll sit on his lap for as long as he’ll have you, mesmerised. I think he’s happy with the excuse that he’s babysitting while watching TV too. You are also quite taken with Mr Tumble and quite happily watch that with your sister if you’re awake.

Being swooshed in the air – Daddy often picks you up and swings you around and you love it. Just beaming at him the whole time.

Splashing – your love of the bath continues and you now take great delight in soaking the rest of the family and the entire bathroom by splashing your little (but deceptively strong) legs.

Tickling – You squeal with delight when we tickle you and you’re pretty much ticklish in all the usual spots.


You genuinely are a delight to have around. If you’re fed and rested, you still very rarely moan about anything and while you absolutely adore people and chatting and playing with others, you are more than happy entertaining yourself. You are still suffering with your reflux and spend the vast majority of the time throwing up. We did have a break from it for a while, but it has started up again, but you don’t even cry about that.

Your fiery, determined nature is coupled with a sunny, happy outlook and I could not be more proud of you if I tried. You take everything in your stride and there is very little you don’t like. You don’t even mind having your hair washed or your nails trimmed. If Lottie really cries, you do get upset, but you look really worried, so I think it’s more of a concern about what is wrong for her to be so upset, than anything.

If you’re still awake when Lottie goes down for her nap, you and I spend time playing together and you just love to have some one-to-one time, trying to copy me, chatting away, and generally being a real little cutie. I’ll treasure those times we spend together, but also the time we spend with your big sister and watching the two of you become what I hope will be the best of friends.

I love you to the moon and back little girl.

Mama xxx



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