Dear Frankie Mabel: 11 months old

Dear Frankie Mabel

This is my last letter to you before you turn one! And what an amazing year it’s been.

This month you’ve cracked another huge milestone. You’re walking at 11 months old! In fact, you took your first steps just after you turned ten months and now you’re charging around at a rate of knots, really confident on your feet already.

You’re also now saying a few words. You’ve already mastered mama, dada, oh dear and hiya and are babbling constantly, making new sounds every day.

Your little personality is developing now and you’re a delightful mixture between slightly shy and hugely confident. You bowl into most situations without a care in the world, but sometimes someone new will talk to you, or something will happen and you’re suddenly tugging on my jeans and when I pick you up, you bury your head into my chest for comfort. I love that you still need your mama sometimes – you’re so independent, it’s nice to still have those moments. Your constant need to explore everything is making getting your monthly photos a bit of a challenge, but a hilarious one at that!

You have two more teeth this month and they have caused you hell cutting through. There are another two right at the surface, so I don’t think you’re in the clear quite yet. It’s definitely interrupted your sleep and we’ve had a fair few sleepless nights over the last few weeks.

We’re also struggling a bit to get you to self settle. You’ll only go to sleep in our arms and if we put you down before you’re fully asleep, all hell breaks loose. I know that we need to try and get you to settle yourself, and at night, especially, I could really do with getting on with work, dinner, etc etc, but there is a part of me that loves those snuggles. It won’t be long before you’re pushing me away and wouldn’t dream of going to sleep in my arms, so for now, I’ll hold you close and breathe in that baby smell.

This month you’ve been loving:

Walking – If it’s somewhere that’s not particularly safe, you’ll just come and get one of us to hold your hands. You hate going in the pushchair and would walk everywhere if you could.

Anything Lottie has – Your big sister is your absolute hero. And as such, anything and everything she picks up, you want. There’s been a fair few tussles of late.

Raspberries – If someone blows a raspberry, you respond and you will have a raspberry conversation for as long as they will play.

Dancing – As soon as you hear music, you start to dance. So cute.

Preschool – Every time we drop Lottie at preschool, you disappear off to explore. I’m sure you’d absolutely love to stay and play there.

Food – You’re still loving anything that’s put on your tray. You still hate spoons!

Nodding – You do the cutest, over exaggerated nod – so much so, that you will sometimes knock yourself off your feet.

Books – You adore reading books with us, especially if they have textures or sounds to play with too.

Climbing – Every time we go to nana and grandad’s house, you head straight for the stairs. Anything you think you can climb, you’ll give it a go.

Exploring – Everything you come across has play value in your eyes. And a cupboard is like a treasure chest!

Peekaboo – You will find anything to ‘hide’ your face and I swear you’d play peekaboo all day and not get bored. It’s the cutest thing ever to see your face light up when someone says boo when they see you.

You’re such a little character, Frankie and you make everyone you meet smile. You’re a sociable, happy little thing, who just loves to explore everything around you. We need eyes in the back of our heads now that you are walking as you seem to be a magnet for anything and everything you shouldn’t have. Remote controls, cables, mobile phones, your sister’s toys, toilet rolls, anything from the kitchen cupboards, are all a source of fascination for you. Your own toys? Not so much.

Your gorgeous little smile brightens up everyone’s day and there’s never ever a dull moment when you’re around. But for all your bravado and lust for life, you’re also a sweet little sausage, who loves a cuddle and adores spending time with her family. When Lottie holds your hand, your little face lights up; when daddy comes home from work, you beam at him and jump up and down in delight.

You had a rough old start to life with your allergies, reflux and being so poorly, but the way you took it all in your stride shows just what strength of character you have. Literally nothing seems to bring you down. You fall, you have a cry for a second, then you’re immediately smiling again. You get poorly, you sleep it off, and there is that smile. You never fail to amaze me, but I’m so glad you are so much better now and we get even more of those beautiful grins.

I could not love you any more than I do, you brighten up every single day, you bring us love, laughter and happiness in abundance.

All my love

Mama xxx



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