Dear Frankie Mabel: 10 months old

Dear Frankie Mabel

In true second child form, as I write this, you are actually close to 11 months old. BUT all the photos I take and the memories I write here are from the month in question. It’s just that sitting down and writing the notes into an update takes time I don’t currently have with you and your big sister in tow. So I’m going to catch up this week and post your 11 month update soon as then we’ll be ready for your first birthday letter!!

Anyway. 10 months old held a pretty big milestone for you, as on New Year’s Eve, you stood for the first time unaided and from then on, you’ve wanted to be on your feet constantly. At ten months, you still haven’t taken those first steps, but I don’t think you’ll be long at all, as you’re finding your balance and surfing around all the furniture.


Your reflux has got better again this month and just as you turned ten months, we seemed to finally find the last thing that was causing your allergic reactions and the past few days have seen hardly any sick at all. We’re getting to grips with your restricted diet and your eating is going brilliantly so far. You’ll try absolutely anything as long as you can feed it to yourself. Sometimes I try for the less messy option of spoonfeeding for certain meals (think bolognaise or cottage pie), but you wont have any of it. You are so independent and spit out anything from a spoon.

You’ve started to say a few more words this month. Dada is still your favourite, but you are also saying mama and when you wave at people, you’ve nearly mastered hiya too.

I feel like I comment on this every time, but you’re such a happy baby. People who we meet always remark on how smiley you are and how happy you seem. You wake up with a smile and usually go to bed with one too. We’ve found a few things that make you cry this month though and it seems you hate loud noises. Grandad’s surprise party revealed that you hate party poppers and applause. You scream whenever the hoover is turned on and the fireworks on NYE terrified you. But on the whole you take most things entirely in your stride and approach every situation with excitement, energy and enthusiasm.

The holy grail of sleep seems to be coming back within reaching distance. We have had a few nights where you’ve slept right through over the past few weeks and I’m starting to feel vaguely more human as a result. Although you do like to throw in the odd night where you want to be up for a good three hours from about 2am! You seem to have really grown recently, so I think the night feeds and broken sleep are possibly due to that. You’re still usually having two naps a day at the moment, and we’re moving closer to you and Lottie napping at the same time in the afternoon.

baby asleep in cot, lying on back with hands above head

This month you’ve been loving:

First Christmas – This shows how late this post is, but you absolutely loved your first Christmas. Nana and Grandad came to our house and you loved having them here. You immediately picked up on the general excitement and joined in with the festivities. You were also over the moon with all the toys, boxes, wrapping paper and food.

Dogs – You’ve always loved nana and grandad’s dogs, but that seems to have grown to all dogs. We only have to see one in the street and you’re beaming and wriggling with excitement.

Baby sensory – We’ve started going to a baby sensory class together while Lottie is in preschool and you love it. As soon as we get in the room, you’re off exploring and making friends. You get so tired by the end of it as you spend the hour so busy.

Other babies – I guess you didn’t see that many other babies in the early part of your life as you were always being dragged to toddler classes with Lottie, but now that she’s in preschool some mornings, we’re seeing more babies and you just love to play and make friends.

Your sister – The more you grow up, the more interest Lottie takes in you and you just love it when she pays you attention. She could be pushing you off her toys and you still giggle in delight.

Blowing raspberries – You think this is the funniest thing ever.

Balloons – We bought some of grandad’s big helium balloons home for you and Lottie to play with and they have provided hours of entertainment over the last week.

baby sitting on floor, laughing, holding strings of a helium balloon

Frankie, I can’t quite believe how quickly this first year of yours is going, and how fast you are developing, but the overriding feeling of the last ten months is happiness. You are such a bright, happy little thing and you are always ready with a smile. You explore the world like every day might be your last and you are a delight to watch and such fun to have around! I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

All my love

Mama xxx




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