Dear Lottie Bella: 10 months-old

Dear Lottie Bella

Lottie! You are into double figure months! You’re getting so grown up baby girl. I can’t believe how much you have changed and developed since you arrived in our world.

10 month old baby

10 months old

Baby at ten months

ten months old


I think the most exciting thing to happen this month is that you have said your first word! And it was mummy! Woohoo. You’ve been desperate to talk for ages now, and you said something at nanny’s last week that sounded suspiciously like mama, but I didn’t take much notice as I thought you were just playing with sounds. The next morning, you woke up and laid in your cot saying mummy mummy mummy over and over again.

Listen sweetheart, we need a chat. I am over the moon that it was my name you said first. BUT, you need to learn to say Daddy / Dad / Dadda and use that if it’s before 8am. Deal?

The less happy news was that you were rushed back into hospital this month. Another virus, nothing serious, but your body doesn’t seem to like fevers and goes into shutdown, which is possibly the scariest thing I have ever encountered. Thank goodness you were OK in the end. Once the fever went, you were back to happy little Lottie B despite being poorly. You are a bit like a rubber ball – you just keep bouncing back! You’re such a tough little cookie.

You have finally witnessed more than a few hours of sunshine and we have been making the absolute most of it. We’ve been out to the park and on lots of walks with the lots of your friends. Hopefully we’ve got lots more summer fun to come.

Baby at the park

You don’t have any more teeth yet, but there is one very close to the surface at the top, so it won’t be long!

This month you’re loving:

Putting your head on one side: You look at people with your head to the side and if they do it back, you think it’s hilarious and such a great game.

Baby head to the side

Sitting up: You’ve been capable of doing this for a while now, but it was like you didn’t see the point. Now you’ve suddenly realised that you can see so much more of the world than if you’re lying down and if we put you on your back, you get really frustrated.

Dancing: You think it’s really funny when I sing and dance in the kitchen while I’m getting your food ready. You’ve started having a little wiggle yourself recently and it’s too cute.

Posh food: You won’t eat carrots, but you love asparagus. Banana is spat out, but raspberries and mango are a favourite. Shopping is an expensive affair nowadays.


Your feet: You’ve realised that as well as holding your feet, you can also put them in your mouth. And you do it as soon as you can get near them.

Baby playing with feet

Trees: You just love watching trees in the breeze while we are out walking. Your little face is adorable!

Baby watching the trees

Waving: You wave at everyone. But usually after they have left. We’ll get there.

Your stacking toy: Best £7.99 I ever spent.

Baby with stacking toy

In the Night Garden: I’m a bad mum. I have succumbed to CBeebies. You are so active now, that by the end of the day, you are exhausted, so one day this month I tried the TV. You’re not massively fussed by other programmes, but you are mesmerised by In the Night Garden!

Baby watching In the Night Garden

This month you have really seemed to become a little person. You are interacting more with everyone. Laughing just because we are laughing and really trying to talk to us. You’ve also decided that you definitely don’t like strangers and as soon as someone you don’t know talks to you, the bottom lip drops and. You. Scream.

I love our days together, watching you change and develop all the time and getting to know you, while you get to know the world and everyone in it. I can’t wait to see what next month brings. But at the same time, please could you slow down a bit? We are hurtling towards your first birthday and I really don’t know where the time has gone!

By the way – getting a photo of you lying down is a mission. Thought you may appreciate some of the outtakes…

ten month old outtake

ten months outtake

And also. Your hair! Uncontrollable!

crazy hair baby

All my love forever,

Mama xxx