The reality of infant reflux

Since my littlest joined our family, the first hand experience of infant reflux that we have lived through from day dot has shown me just what this awful illness really is.

Nearly every time I mention Frankie’s reflux to someone who doesn’t know her or us, they say ‘aah bless her, is she a bit sicky then?’

I’m not judging, I’d have probably said the same before I’d cared for a baby with reflux. But honestly, every time I hear those words, my heart sinks a bit. It makes me feel like I’m being a whinging old bat. That I’m massively overreacting. That I should shut up about it. I realise that’s rarely what’s meant, just as calling someone’s baby big probably isn’t meant to make them feel massively inadequate as a parent.

But please, next time someone tells you their baby has infant reflux, don’t ask if they’re a bit sick. Instead, give them a cuddle, make them tea, bring them cake and know that reflux isn’t just being a bit sick…

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