Weekly gratitude// Downtime and sisters

I used to join in with the Happy Days linky with Sian and Katy, then my blogging dwindled somewhat, due to having two under two. And when I went to join in again, I found they’re not running it any more. I used to enjoy looking back at the week when I sat down to write the posts, and also love looking back over past posts to see what we’d been up to. So I’m going to start writing a similar weekly post, with a round-up of our week, and all the positive things that happened – weekly gratitude.

I think it’s really good to find the positives in life. Sometimes you can get bogged down with what is going wrong, or what is tough in your life. And you forget to notice the positive things. But when you do, it makes you realise that it ain’t all that bad after all.

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