Happy days: A Sunday morning hack and family time

Wow, we are into the last week of January tomorrow. How fast has this month gone?! Great though, as the days are getting longer and will soon be warmer and hopefully the mud at the stables will start to decrease.

In the meantime though, we’ve had a lovely week, with lots of highlights including:

  • Lottie has recovered quite quickly from her first ever cold. She slept more, but remained cheerful through the snuffles, coughs and sneezes. It’s awful to see her suffering, so I’m really pleased she is on the mend.
  • My mum had another appointment with a Parkinson’s nurse this week, who has prescribed her some new medication and she seems much calmer now that she is being cared for at last, so fingers crossed the new drugs will kick in quickly and get her better.
  • Lottie and I went to  new baby group at the local library this week and she loved it. It was called Baby Rhyme Time, and we sang nursery rhymes for half an hour.
  • After the group, we went for a lovely walk down the river with my friend and her baby. We had a good old natter while the babies snoozed in their prams in the sunshine.

2016-01-21 12.30.29

  • Mr M has been off for the weekend. He works every other weekend, so family time is really precious. He and Lottie are having a nap as I type. We went out for a lovely family walk yesterday.

2016-01-23 12.20.23

  • I went out for my first hack in a year on Ben this morning. We didn’t go far, but it was so lovely to be back in the saddle and snatch 20 minutes of peace and quiet.

2016-01-24 09.32.50

  • With funds a bit tight on Maternity Leave, I noticed that a free AA membership had come to an end and auto-renewed and cost me nearly £80. I phoned to explain that they had my old address and I didn’t want to renew and got my money back. Hurrah!

We have a busy week planned this week, so I will try to remember to take a few more snaps to document our happy days.

Have a lovely week.