Dear Frankie Mabel: You’re one year old

Dear Frankie Mabel, You’re one year old, baby girl! Where has that year gone? I thought Lottie’s first year flew by, but with two of you keeping me on my toes, yours seems to have passed by even quicker. It seems incomprehensible that this time last year you were that snuggly little bundle and in just 12 months, you’ve become a walking, talking, giggling, roaring package of pure gorgeousness.

You turned one year old on a Sunday, which gave us a brilliant chance to get all of your family over to celebrate with us. And you just loved it. You’re a social butterfly, so having lots of people to chat to, play with, giggle with, is your idea of heaven. Throw in presents, balloons and food and I think it was your best day ever. View Post