Word of the week – 13/03/15

Last Friday, my word of the week was ‘sold’. We had sold my flat and I was super excited about starting the search for a new house to start our little family in.

Well, the search is already over. I can’t quite believe it, but my word of the week just a week later, is



We have already found a house, offered on it and it’s been accepted. ┬áThat makes us sound super efficient, but actually, we had viewed the house the weekend before the sale at an open day and loved it, but the agents were asking for offers that week, with proof of deposit, mortgage agreement etc, which we couldn’t do, as we were still waiting for our sale to complete.

So we dismissed it, but felt heartened that there were properties coming onto the market finally that suited our needs and were within budget.

Then, after our sale, we started to look again and were shocked to see the house still on the market.

On Monday, we had a mortgage agreed in principal and by Tuesday we had our offer accepted.

The vendors still need to find somewhere to buy, so we don’t know when we will move, but I am so so excited. We have our own home, with loads of space, a lovely garden and all in a really pretty village.

I also feel suddenly really grown up. It’s mad really, I’m a married, 32-year-old woman, with a good job and a baby on the way, but buying a three bedroom house has suddenly made me feel grown up.


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