Bump #2: 39 weeks pregnant

So here we are – what’s supposed to be the final week of pregnancy. I wonder if it actually will be? I’m pretty sure my body is now preparing itself for labour, but how long that preparation will take is anyone’s guess really.

I realise I look slightly delirious in this photo. Mr M kept saying I looked grumpy and telling me to cheer up as it might be the last pregnancy photo I ever had taken. ‘Good’ was my response, along with the cheesy fake smile because I’m so fed up with the pain.

I spent Saturday evening having contraction-like pains. Very similar to my early contractions with Lottie. They were coupled with a constant pain similar to a really bad period pain and the most intense pressure down below, and I was pretty sure I was in early labour. By Sunday morning (after a long night of very little sleep,) I was left with much less intense ‘tightenings’ and a duller period pain, which delightfully, is still with me now.

I had none of this with my first pregnancy. I didn’t even have any full on Braxton Hicks with Lottie, so it’s all a little unknown for me and leaves me in a constant state of panic that I’ll go into labour before I’m ready to. The benefit of that is that all of those last little jobs got done this weekend, like stocking up the horse’s feed, leaving his instructions at the yard, building the Snuzpod for Sunny, putting up shelves and trying to finish off all our DIY efforts, etc etc.

We are ready for you Sunny. Just putting that out there.

Having said that, poor Lottie came down with an ear and throat infection on Friday and a stinking cold, which I have caught as well, so in a way, I’m pleased that labour hasn’t happened quite yet, as I was panicking about leaving her while she was poorly. She’s much brighter today, so hopefully we are over the worst of it now and she’s on the mend in time for her adventure at her auntie and uncle’s house when the time comes.

Other than all of this commotion, things have been fairly calm pregnancy wise. At this stage, they predict baby is about 7 lbs and the size of a small watermelon (which makes my eyes water when I think about labour!) Sunny is all fully formed and ready to come out into the big wide world.

Symptom wise, sleep is practically impossible, as I just can’t get comfortable. And as soon as I do, Sunny wakes up and does some acrobatics. It seems to like to bounce on my bladder which is pretty painful and makes me feel like I need the loo constantly, even when I don’t.

I’ve been getting an awful lot of pelvic pain this week too, which I guess shows that things are opening out and getting ready for birth. I take forever to stand up (a pain when you have a toddler demanding you to play or walk with them all the time) and once I’ve straightened out, it takes a while for the aches to ease. I’m struggling to walk very far with the pain, but I’m making sure we try and get out every day (albeit slowly) to keep everything moving.

Mr M works one Sunday in four, and when he does, he works nine days straight before having a Wednesday off. He is on that shift this week, so I’m hoping and praying we don’t have too long left to wait now, as the thought of nine days with a toddler at the moment and no childcare is filling me with fear!

I’m also really bunged up with this cold, which is making me snore so loudly that Mr M could hear me from downstairs on Friday night! What a glamorous time of life late pregnancy is, eh? I’m struggling to eat very much at a time still, as there just doesn’t seem to be room for food, so I’m constantly hungry and have regular heartburn when I do eat. Gaviscon is like my best friend right now.

All that aside, I think I am slightly calmer about birth now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still fairly terrified, but I think the reality of meeting this little one gets clearer by the day and the excitement of that is overtaking the fear to a certain extent. Not long now til baby snuggles.

I’m going to stop moaning now and go and have a lie down and listen to my new relaxation album – Bliss – Through These Eyes. While Lottie naps, I’m trying to get some rest, to keep some energy levels in case labour is imminent… Cross your fingers for me!



  1. March 6, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    Oh god you poor thing. Does Lottie still nap? You need to rest when she does. I really hope sunny comes soon. You must be so fed up now. I’ll keep everything crossed #MaternityMondays

    • heelsandhooves
      March 10, 2017 / 2:39 pm

      Yes, she does – it’s my saving grace. She goes down after lunch for an hour or sometimes more, so I do get a break, thank goodness. It’s due date today but still no signs! xx

  2. March 7, 2017 / 10:17 pm

    Oh honey what a week. The pelvic pain can be awful, can’t it. I really hope things get moving soon – it does certainly sound like things are happening in preparation! Good luck xxx

    • heelsandhooves
      March 10, 2017 / 2:40 pm

      Oh my goodness – I never had it with Lottie, so didn’t realise quite how painful it could be – it’s breathtaking at times! Thanks lovely. No news as yet, but keep your fingers crossed xx

  3. March 7, 2017 / 11:24 pm

    I know how you feel I’m 39 weeks too with a 14 month little boy in tow. I’ve had similar pains this week and kept thinkINg every night that tonight is the night but then nothing happens? I also didn’t have any of this with my little boy so on edge too.
    Good luck with everything, hope to hear about the new addition soon.

    • heelsandhooves
      March 10, 2017 / 2:42 pm

      Oh my goodness, it’s so frustrating isn’t it?! You wake up in the night and it’s all died down and you’re STILL PREGNANT! lol. Sending lots of labour vibes to you too lovely. I’m heading over to your social feeds now to see if you’ve beaten me to it xx

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