Bump #2: 34 weeks pregnant

Well, it’s been a bit of busy week here pregnancy wise (hence being a day late with my update – again – and hence having not blogged at all since the last update! Oops.) If I’m totally honest, I’m struggling to keep all my balls in the air at the moment and still get in any of that all important rest, but I guess that is part and parcel of second pregnancies.

So, where to start? I guess my midwife appointment would be a good place. It seems like you rarely see the midwife in second or subsequent pregnancies, which is a bit weird but I guess the thinking is that you should know a little more what you are doing and what you ought to be looking out for once you’ve already been through it once.

Anyway, I saw my midwife last week for the 34 week check up and all is absolutely fine. My blood pressure, urine, etc is all fairly normal and bump is measuring bang on where it should be at 34cm. Sunny’s heart beat is nice and regular and normal rate and as always, I just loved hearing it – like music to my ears! Not that I was worried about him or her at all though as there is so much movement, you could never mistake it being alive and kicking (literally) at the moment.

Sunny is also head down, but the midwife thinks it is slightly back to back. This terrifies me. After a pretty difficult back to back labour with Lottie, I am in no hurry to do that again. So I’ve been on spinningbabies.com to find some exercises to try and turn it around if I possibly can. There’s hopefully plenty of time yet, but I need that baby to spin.

The following morning, I lost my mucus plug. Sorry if that a bit TMI, but as you can imagine, it sent me into a bit of a spin, as it can mean that labour is imminent. I didn’t lose it pre-labour with Lottie, so I was a little panicked. After asking around and finding that labour can follow from hours up to weeks later, I decided to call the maternity unit to seek advice.

The midwife there was not phased at all and having checked that Sunny’s movements were still normal, I hadn’t lost any blood, didn’t have any cramping etc, she said it was nothing to worry about. She explained that after you’ve had a vaginal delivery, your cervix never closes fully again, so it can be much easier to lose the plug and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Despite that reassurance, I did spend Friday packing our hospital bags and writing out Lottie’s schedule in case she needs to stay at my sister’s – just to be on the safe side. And to be honest, I’m really glad I’ve done that as I feel like we are prepared and sorted whatever happens next.

I think it also sent Mr M into a bit of a spin as he has spent most of his free time ever since doing DIY and decorating Lottie’s new room. The carpets went in today and she is currently fast asleep in there! She went down without a murmur, which I am so so pleased about as I wanted her to be settled and happy in there before Sunny crashes into her world, so that the big change disrupts her little life as little as possible.

We’ve still got the finishing touches to do and some furniture still in there which we need to sell, but the main bits are done and it’s already looking lovely. In the midst of all this organising, I totally forgot to organise dinner tonight, so I’m off to eat a well-deserved takeaway!



  1. February 11, 2017 / 8:35 pm

    You are looking so well! These babies like to tease us… I lost my plug at 37 weeks… I’m now about to be 39 weeks and nothing (plus I’m a first-time Mum, so I don’t have any excuse for a cervix that doesnt’ close)…. who knows, eh! 🙂 Just rest up, don’t worry too much about keeping your blog up to date, it’s a busy time!

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