Bump #2: 33 weeks pregnant

Every week when I write the title for my pregnancy update, I’m shocked at how quickly this is going by and more recently, just how soon we are going to meet our little bundle.

I’m a bit late with this week’s update as I was at the osteopath last night and then just collapsed on the sofa, desperately trying to ignore my to-do list and follow the taking it easy promise I made to myself recently.

Operation Lottie’s room continues and we have now cleared out the room entirely and stripped all the old wallpaper, so Mr M is currently up there filling in holes and painting skirting and next we will be decorating. Sunday will see a trip to¬†the argument store Ikea to get some nice bits and bobs and then we will be nearly there.

I’m also going to order the bits to make our iCandy Peach into a double this week, which is the last of the big purchases. I’m sure a few more adorable baby clothes may make their way back to our house before we meet the new arrival though – they’re a little bit addictive, don’t you think?

Tiredness continues, and is compounded by a good old dose of pregnancy insomnia, so I’m still actively trying to slow down a bit. I’ve cut back the hours I’m working and am taking the opportunity to rest a bit more when Lottie naps during the day to make up a few hours of sleep. I’m also trying to stay at home a bit more rather than rushing out to visit my parents etc all the time. I think people will understand that it’s just not possible to be constantly busy at this stage of growing a little human.

Symptom wise, I’m starting to struggle a bit with my back and hips again, but the osteopath is happy that it’s just normal pregnancy aches in my pelvis and nothing to worry about, but she is also telling me that I need to slow down.

I’ve not had any Braxton Hicks this week, so perhaps the slowing down is working.

Indigestion is rearing its ugly head every night now, so I’m eating all the ice-cream to keep it at bay. I’m seriously craving Magnums right now and could easily eat them every day.

Sunny is still a squirmy little thing and comes alive as I settle down in bed at night, so I have a feeling we may have a little trouble maker on our hands.

I’m seeing the midwife this week. It does seem to be ages between appointments in your second pregnancy, so I’m looking forward to having a good old check up and hearing Sunny’s heartbeat again. I’ll also be interested to see if she can tell what way round baby is as I’m starting to think it may be breach at the moment.


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