Bump #2: 30 weeks pregnant

I’m now officially into the last quarter of this pregnancy and we’ve entered the year in which we will meet the next little addition to our family – so exciting!

30 weeks pregnant

I think 2017 looming finally gave us the kick up the bottom we needed to start getting a bit more prepared for Sunny’s arrival. As I type, Mr M is busy converting a walk-in cupboard into a wardrobe so that we can clear our spare room and get going on Lottie’s new bedroom so that the nursery is freed up again.

I know we have ages until Sunny will actually sleep in the nursery as he or she will be in with us for a while yet from March, but I would really like to get Lottie’s room ready and get her settled before that, so that she doesn’t feel like her world is turning upside down come March.

We’ve also bought a Snuzpod. We were lucky enough to get vouchers for Christmas which were enough to buy a crib. Lottie is currently in a cotbed and not ready to go into a bed, but I think the Snuzpod should last Sunny long enough so that she is ready for a bed around the time that the baby needs the cotbed.

We’ve also been buying a few little clothes for Sunny. We aren’t finding out the gender, so I’m trying to restrain myself and just buy a few outfits for the hospital etc. We also have some bits from when Lottie was born (we didn’t find out her gender either) which are pretty much brand new as they grow so quickly at that age, but we wanted to have some new bits for this one too. I had forgotten though, just how tiny and cute newborn clothes are and I’m now wanting to buy all the baby clothes!

I’ve also got some newborn nappies, maternity pads etc in, so that if I did need to pack a bag quickly, we do have the essentials to hand.

Next is the conversion bits for our iCandy to turn it from a Peach into a Peach Blossom and then I think this is getting pretty real.

I’ve been taking it quite easy for the last week. Mr M has been off work for the majority of the week and it’s been nice to have someone to share the load with a bit at home. I had intended to do all sorts over the holidays, but Lottie has been really poorly with conjunctivitis and a horrible cold and I’ve been a few below par, so we decided that rest was required and we’ve largely hibernated.

Other than general aches and pains, I’m feeling pretty well at the moment. I went to my osteopath this morning and the injury I had to my back has largely healed now, which is amazing news as I was really worried that pain would continue for the rest of my pregnancy. She has done some work through my bottom and lower back as my pelvis is getting ready for labour now and causing a few problems, but nothing more than the usual pregnancy issues, so nothing to worry about. I cannot recommend going to an osteopath while pregnant highly enough if it’s something you can afford to do. I feel that she is nipping a lot of issues in the bud and keeping me well oiled, which is so important when I need to be fit and healthy to look after Lottie.

I’m still losing a fair bit of hair, which is unusual during pregnancy. It’s usually post-partum that the handfuls of hair collect in the plughole and you feel like you are going bald. But I have no bald patches yet, so I’m trying to ignore it. On the positive side, my nails have started to grow really strong and really quickly, having suffered a bit in early pregnancy.

I’ve said all along that once Christmas is out of the way, this baby will be here before we know it, so we’re on the final furlong now and it’s getting really exciting, but I am a little nervous about labour after a not great experience with Lottie, so if anyone has any recommendations for books or information on keeping calm and zen during birth, I’d be really interested to hear them.



  1. January 2, 2017 / 9:19 pm

    Oh I’ve been meaning to
    Ask you which pram you’re getting. I don’t need to now 🙂 it’s all so
    Exciting but I’m worried now as I’m way
    Behind you on planning. I’ve got both their birthdays this month so I think I
    Might wait until February xx

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