Bump #2: 28 & 29 weeks pregnant

I’m a bad blogger! I missed out my 28 week update altogether and am now late with the 29 week one. So there’s a fair bit to catch up on bump-wise. I admit to shutting off entirely over the Christmas period and I don’t think I had really realised how much I needed the rest and relaxation.

29 week pregnant woman

I’ve just compared this photo with the 27 week one and having jumped two weeks, you can really see how much I’m growing now! I adore my bump, but it is starting to get in the way a bit now! Picking up Lottie’s toys from the floor if I’m sitting down is a no-no and I am having to be careful I don’t topple over when picking her up sometimes as I’m so front heavy.

I had my 28 week appointment with the midwife a week ago and heard that adorable little heart beat on the doppler – such a reassuring and happy sound for any parent to be. Lottie came along with me and was very interested in listening to Sunny. I wonder what she makes of it all and whether she has any idea how much her life is likely to change in just a few months time…

Everything else looks fine at the moment, blood pressure, urine etc all normal and my fundal height was 28cm, bang on where it should be for 28 weeks. I’ve also been for my whooping cough and flu jabs since the last update, so I’m all up to date with vaccinations now. And last week I had my blood tests done, so it will be interesting to see if they are all normal.

The midwife and I discussed Lottie being in such an awkward position during labour and the possibility of doing some exercises to attempt to get this little bundle to tuck its head for me and come out easily. She has directed me to a website called www.spinningbabies.com, which has lots of exercises etc to try and get baby into a good position, so I’ll definitely be having a browse on there over the next few weeks.

At this stage, the midwife wasn’t able to feel what position baby is in, but I’m pretty sure it’s already head down as I have something which feels suspiciously like feet pinging underneath my ribs at the moment. Little tinker. This baby is so active that it frequently wakes me up at night with it’s somersaulting and wriggling. It’s really active in the evenings at the moment and I love sitting quietly and having time to make the most of that feeling.

I’m pretty well overall at the moment, but my body is definitely starting to tell me to slow down a bit. I’m getting quite breathless at times, and even going up the stairs can leave me panting a bit. Mucking out and doing the stable chores is taking longer than usual, and I’m taking my time with things, but I’m still getting them done.

I really realised on Christmas day that I’m tiring easily and despite having a lovely day with family, it was pretty full on and I have never been so pleased to get home and into bed as I was that night.

The rest of this week will be spent clearing out our spare room so that we can start getting it ready for Lottie, so that she can vacate the nursery and getting some bits ready for our new arrival. Baby is now weighing around 1.2kg and is around the size of a butternut squash, which is making things start to feel very very real and super exciting!


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