Bump #2: 27 weeks pregnant

As we hurtle towards Christmas, it also feels as though we are speeding into 2017 and meeting our new addition and I am really getting excited to find out who this little person will be.


What I do know about the soon to be baby R-M, is that it is a proper little wriggler. Sunny has spurts of energy, which last much longer than its sister’s active periods used to. And it’s super strong too. Sunny seems to be a morning person and believe it or not, despite usually getting up at 6am to muck out horses, I’m really not one at all. It usually takes me about half an hour to even want to talk to anyone when I wake up. But over the last week, Sunny has woken me up most mornings at about 5am, wriggling and kicking like crazy and strangely, I absolutely love it. When it’s still dark, and really quiet, bump and I have half an hour or so of bonding time, just us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling it move at any time, but life is so busy, it can be difficult to focus on it and really enjoy it when you’re also being mum, wife, daughter, worker, etc, etc. I’m hoping this doesn’t continue when it joins the outside world though, and it learns to like a lie-in like its sister pretty quickly.

Sunny now weighs about two pounds and is the size of a head of cauliflower and about 14.5 inches when stretched out. It’s now opening and closing its eyes, and maybe even sucking its fingers. How cute is that?!

Symptom wise, this week has been quite quiet really. I’ve slept a bit better, then woke up bursting for a wee when Sunny starts jumping on my bladder! My back is still much better, it’s a constant ache, but a bearable one, rather than the awful pain of a couple of weeks ago.

In terms of appearance, I’m definitely getting bigger as my tummy button has popped out already! If I stand straight, I can’t see my feet now either. So far I’ve managed to avoid stretch marks and am moisturising like crazy to try and keep it that way.

I have my 28 week midwife appointment this week and blood tests to check all is going OK with us both, so I’ll update you next week.



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