Bump #2: 17 and 18 weeks pregnant

Can you believe that my second ever update is already so late that I am combining two?! Oh to have the time I did before becoming a mum, to blog, pamper, clean, update social media, etc, etc, etc.

Still, better late than never, right? So here’s me and the bump at 17+5…

17 weeks pregnant lady

Things are super busy with work, Lottie, having our house decorated, family commitments, and general day to day life, and I. Am. Tired. I recently read Confessions of a Crummy Mummy’s post about why first pregnancies are the best and she is soooo right – you just don’t have the time to relax and get that all important sleep. It’s non-stop. I’ve actually finished work for the week today and I’m going to do some housework tonight – rock ‘n’ roll, right? – and try and get a nap in tomorrow as I feel like I need to start listening to my body a bit more. I get to 8pm and feel like I can’t go on, so I need to get some rest in.

Along with the tiredness, I have started to suffer with pregnancy headaches. I had these with Lottie too and funnily enough, when I looked back at my bumpdate for the same point in her pregnancy, this is exactly when they happened. But they passed last time, so I’m hoping it will follow the same pattern again.

The dreaded heartburn has started up again too, so I’m fully expecting another baby with a full head of hair to arrive in March!

In much happier news though, I had my 16 week appointment yesterday with the midwife. She is a different lady to my last pregnancy as we have moved house and moved surgery since, so I was a little concerned. Before my last pregnancy, I thought all midwives would be delightful – part of the job, sort of thing – but after MW2 in Lottie’s labour, I was proved very wrong.

However, my new midwife is absolutely lovely. Really warm and friendly and understanding and I’m so relieved to have someone so nice in charge of my care. I really think it’s key to a happy and successful labour and birth to have good care and I feel confident that I will have during pregnancy at least this time.

I heard baby’s heart beating for the first time, which is just as magical as it was with Lottie. It’s such a happy, solid, reassuring sound that immediately puts you at ease. And I chatted to her about the stress levels in my life at the moment and she was really helpful and understanding and gave me some great ideas and contacts, so I’ll update you about this soon.

And remaining on that happy note, I felt the first little flutters of movement last night. I was lying in bed reading to try and overcome the constant insomnia, while the rest of the house was sleeping and quiet and it was like baby knew that it was just us two and it had a good little dance for around ten minutes. It’s such a special feeling and it’s one that only a mum can ever have, which I think makes it that little bit more precious. Although I do wish that Mr M could feel it sometimes too.

So it’s been a week of firsts, which has somewhat counteracted the negative bits and I’ve decided to take action and look after myself a bit more. Well really, it’s not about just me any more, is it, it’s me and the baby, so that makes it more important to do.

I’m off for an early night….




  1. October 7, 2016 / 10:08 pm

    I thought it was just me. I am tired ALL the time. I’m annoying myself yawning!! Boo about the heartburn I as it will Lizzie but not George and none this time yet.get some rest my lovely

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