Baby brain is real

In 2014, scientists released research findings which showed that baby or pregnancy brain is real. Studies showed that pregnant women start to use their brain differently in preparation for their new arrival.

I imagine many pregnant women were nodding and saying they could have told the scientists that.

Then, a few months ago, another study was released showing that in fact, baby brain is a fallacy, that pregnant women produce the same results as non-pregnant women in tests on memory, spatial awareness etc.

I disagree.

Having always been a fairly compos mentis, organised and generally ‘together’ individual, life over the past few months can only be described as forgetful, haywire and altogether hit and miss.

The one with the birthday card

Having sent a card and present in the post for a friend’s birthday recently, when I saw her number calling my phone, I could only assume that she was calling to thank me.

Upon answer, I heard her laughing like a drain. “Honey did you send me the spa voucher for my birthday?” Confused, I said yes. “The card was blank inside lovely. Good job I recognised your writing on the envelope!”


Baby brain.

The one with the meter reading

We were recently asked to send over our gas and electric meter readings. As we live in flats, the gas meter is in the car park on the floor, so I asked Mr M to read it (I can get onto the floor, but watch me try to get up again right now). I took the keys for the electric and gas cupboards out of the drawer and said “take both down as I don’t know which one is for the gas meter…

Gas and electric meter keys


Baby brain.

The one with the farrier

I arrived at the stables to feed Ben one Tuesday and the farrier was shoeing a horse. Strange, I thought, he is here to do our horses on Friday, why not do them all at once?

I headed to the feed room, calling hello as I got out of the car. Cue strange looks from farrier and him saying, “I don’t think anyone thought you were coming.”

“But you are doing ours on Friday aren’t you?” I was confused. So was he. Turns out it was always Tuesday and a friend had paid him for my horse’s shoes.

Embarrassed, I stopped to chat for a while and he was fine – said he just thought it was odd as I’ve never forgotten before. We laughed about baby brain.

After about ten minutes, the horse started to fidget, and the farrier said, “don’t start being naughty now, just because your mum is here and you want your dinner.

I double took. ‘That horse’ that was being shod was in fact my horse. The one I have owned for close to 19 years. I had been standing in front of him the whole time and hadn’t recognised him.

Ben in the sunshine

Baby brain.

The one with the tea

If I’m totally honest, I’ve done less tea runs since hitting the seventh month or so at work. Too much effort!

But in a small team, you do still need to pull your weight every now and then, so I still did my bit.

There are only six in our office, and we all have our own drink, which rarely differs, so it’s not a difficult tea run. One day, I asked who wanted a drink and only three people did, including my colleague who sits directly opposite me. Please note here, she is a very healthy person and only requires hot water, as she has a stash of green tea bags in her drawer.

I did the tea round, thought nothing else of it.

Two days later. Next tea round and I suddenly realised that I had made everyone else their drink the last time, and completely left out my colleague’s hot water. Sat down opposite her, completely oblivious to leaving her out. Bless her for not saying anything.


Baby brain.

I don’t know why it happens, whether it is a physiological change, or perhaps is just because we have so much on our minds during pregnancy that something has to give, but trust me, baby brain is real.

And apparently it continues when baby arrives and sleep deprivation kicks in. Something to look forward to then.



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